Tips To Design Your Business Site For Success


The first impression is what matters the most. Did you know that the first impression is made in 8 seconds? And that it is practically unchangeable? So you know the seriousness of the matter when we talk about creating a design for your business’ website.

There are numerous researches that provide information about how website design can affect our opinions. You can read about the role of visual complexity regarding first impressions of websites. It’s purely psychological and needs more in-depth analysis from your company’s marketing team. Or you could use help from a professional 3rd party.


British researchers are writing about how design can affect our trust towards the company. The paper says that a customer can make up their mind about a website in less than 17 seconds. Most of the feedback (approximately 94%) that came from the participants was about design. An average consumer pays attention to the visual effects and the illustrations placed on the homepage.

What customers nowadays care about most is simplicity. Your website should be friendly and welcoming. With a simple design that holds every key element of the menu clearly seen, a customer will be pleased to scroll through your website. Streets aren’t the only places people can get lost. Some websites are made in a way, that people often get lost, and the only way out is to close the tab. You don’t want that to happen to your website.

  • Try using friendly colors. The color pallet for your website shouldn’t be too complex and dark. Customers will think that the website is too complex or your services aren’t suited for them. I can not stress enough how important the colors are. For this matter, I advise you to build a website for your business with the help of a professional.


  • You can make an introductory video on your homepage. Transparency and the friendly staff is what mostly attracts people. Creating a video where your staff welcomes customers, or a person in high positions addresses to the audience is a great way to show how your products work.
  • Use animations. Videos, animations, cool images, these are all key essentials for your website to look more welcoming. Use animations to create a wow effect. I would consider looking at these websites for animation inspiration.
  • Go on with scrolling. The old websites are all about several small pages and no scrolling spaces. Modern customers like to scroll. We scroll every day on our social media, and we don’t mind to scroll through your website too.


  • Address their attention to key information. Try to highlight that information the most. The first thing a website visitor looks at is the factor that helps the impression to form. You want your headline to be attention-grabbing and interesting.

 Ask your audience what they want. To give people what they want, you need to know what they want. And THEY are the best source of getting that information. Try coming up with surveys and questionnaires from time to time. Create your website to better suit your desired audience.


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