Tips for Selecting the Best Mini Excavator Track


For maximum output, mini excavators should have sturdy tracks. However, it’s important to note that different situations require different tread sets. So, when shopping around for the right mini excavator tracks, go for the right treads. To help you get things right, here are expert tips and tricks for picking the right mini excavator tracks.

The Benefits of Mini Excavators

Of course, mini excavators are small in size. However, they are actually workhorses. These machines can improve efficiency on any job site. They are compact, which plays a key role when it comes to maneuverability. Even more, they can fit into small spaces in a construction site, helping you accomplish jobs faster and cost-effectively.

Mini excavators are economical, small in size, and versatile. Still more, they come with simplified features. The mini excavators’ versatility offers you a chance to handle tasks in a jobsite more conveniently. Thus, you can use mini excavators to accomplish different types of tasks. From digging sewer lines to demolishing structures, mini excavators have so much to offer.

Mini excavators are light in terms of weight. This means that they will put minimal pressure on the ground. Thus, they have shallower tread tracks—which reduces damages on your landscape. It’s also important to note that the damage to the landscape is dependent on the pattern of the track. That’s why you should select the right design.

Track Pattern Designs

The performance level of your mini excavators is hinged on the track pattern design. Remember, going for a unit with better performance and improved durability will help you accomplish tasks faster. So, when selecting your track pattern design, consider durability and performance.

Fortis Tracks – mini excavator tracks offers the following common types of track pattern designs:

  • Turf—with the turf pattern, you have a track pattern that can reduce the impacts on your landscape—especially if you have lawns. According to experts, go for this pattern if your Jobsite is 80 percent grass.
  • TDF Super—if you are looking for mini excavators that can offer high traction on snow and wet surfaces, think TDF super track.
  • Zigzag—the zigzag pattern is ideal if you operate your mini excavators on mud. It will add more traction to your mini excavators. However, this pattern cannot be used on rocky and dry conditions. They will easily wear out.
  • Terrapin—versatile and strong, the terrapin track can be used in almost all terrains. From rocks, mud, to lawns, the terrapin can be your ideal design for your mini excavator. This design is distinct and comes with relatively superior traction. So, if you are looking for general use and all-purpose tread, then this is the design for you.

Other Designs

You can also consider the following additional designs:

  • C-pattern
  • Block pattern
  • Steel tracks

The Bottom-Line

The performance of your mini excavator is dependent on the set of tracks you choose. That’s why you should pick the right set of tracks. The above tips and tricks will help you make an informed decision as far as choosing the right excavator tracks is concerned.


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