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Are you getting tired of sending out resumes to hiring managers, only never to hear back from any of them? While your intentions are always in the right place, you may not be tackling your job hunt as well as you could. Sometimes, to land that dream job of yours, it takes a little more than simply sending out a resume in response to a job listing.

Read on to find out how you can optimize (and shorten) your job search with these tips.

Tailor Your Resume to the Specific Job You Want

There’s no denying that writing a resume and cover letter takes a lot of time and effort. You have to organize your past working experiences, contact information, and reasons why you’re the best — and only — person for the position in question. But sending out a generic resume to hiring managers won’t do you any favours. Once you draft the perfect resume, you’ll have to tweak it to correspond with each job you apply for.

Prioritize reading the websites of companies you’re interested in to gain a strong sense of their values. Incorporate some of the ideologies you identify within your cover letter or resume to show the hiring manager that you’re in line with the company and care about what the company is doing. While it will take you a bit longer to apply for positions, tailoring applications is worth it because you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Reach Out on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for career building. Do you have an account? If not, head over the website and make one. With LinkedIn, you can follow your favourite companies and see when they’re hiring for new positions. The site also allows you to network with HR professionals by connecting and interacting via instant messaging. While you don’t want to overwhelm anyone with too many messages, reaching out to the right person at the right time could help you get to where you want to be.

Work With a Recruiter

If you want to get out of the job-searching grind quickly and get the job of your dreams, work with a professional recruitment agency. When you find career counselors that specialize in your field, you’ll be surprised at how fast your career will flourish. A recruiter will work with you to hone in on your skills, improve your resume with tricks of the trade, and find exclusive openings in your industry. They have access to job openings that aren’t advertised publically, so you’ll get first dibs on the position you’ve been waiting to hear about for years.

Follow Up

Once you send in your application to the hiring manager, wait one week before reaching out again. After the week is over, send a brief follow-up email. You’ll remind the hiring manager of your application, and they’ll remember to take a closer look at what you have to offer.

Applying for a new job can be challenging, particularly with the massive competition out there these days. But by customizing your resume and cover letter, utilizing LinkedIn, following up with emails, and working with a professional recruiter, you’ll be depositing that first paycheque in no time.


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