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Do you like the sun, sea and sand? This time we will see the charms of the best budget beaches in California, beaches that you can and should visit this summer. As we know, most of the coastal areas are for the enjoyment of the sea, but the beaches in California have much more to offer and here I will tell you about it.  There are many curiosities in these beaches, as well as each one has its history, but in Ocean Beach, San Francisco a custom was born.

It is the site of a California tradition, the “Burning Man”, an event in which they set fire to a wooden man over 2m tall.

It was a group of friends who did it, celebrating the summer solstice in 1986 in Ocean Beach, the only beach place where it is allowed to do it.

But let’s move on to the main topic, the best beaches in California to visit, join me.

What are the beaches in California called? Well, we are here to solve the doubt; here is the list of the most favorite ones:

  • San Francisco
  • Malibu
  • Santa Cruz

San Francisco, one of the best beaches in California.

Let’s start with the most famous beaches, which are those of SF, well known for being very close to the Golden Gate Bridge. What are the best beaches in San Francisco? Let’s start with Ocean Beach, the largest in SF with a length of 3 miles, located in the Sunset neighborhood. You can go there to enjoy a quiet moment, taking into account the incredible view of the Golden Gate Bridge, you can even walk along the beach until you reach it.

Besides that, it is one of the beaches in California that many people go to for surfing or kitesurfing.

If you don’t know what the latter is, let me explain, it is an extreme sport in which a person is tied to a harness and a kite, which is propelled by the air and the person can do acrobatics.

We continue with Crissy Field, another incredible option, and in my opinion one of the best beaches, because it not only consists of sand and sea. It has a green area where many people go for picnics in front of the sea, how nice to enjoy a sandwich in front of the sea.

Not only that, there are many who make barbecues, that is, the place really lends itself to many activities, it is ideal for children, plus you can bring your pet.

What else to do in San Francisco?

According to Viajar San Francisco the landscapes to enjoy are the Golden Gate, the Alcatraz Island that used to be a prison, as well as kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Windsurfing is done on a surfboard, but with a sail, which is driven by the wind to move the sail.

Finally, there is Baker Beach, another of the most visited beaches in SF, it starts right at the Golden Gate Point; it is not only visited for its sunsets. Actually you can find a cozy apartment near Baker Beach to spend unforgettable moments here, looking at sunsets. Check some of them at

There is also bird watching, you can have picnics, take a walk with your pet, hike on the beach or just relax with the incredible views.

Another type of ride you can do is by bicycle, along the road that surrounds the beach at the top, admiring the view as you ride along the beach.

If you are very intrepid, you can visit the part of North Baker Beach, an area of the beaches in California where nudism is practiced, would you dare?


What is the best beach in Malibu? Let’s see which are the most visited beaches in California in Malibu.

Let’s start with Zuma Beach, which is also considered one of the most visited beaches in Los Angeles.

Besides being the longest one, it has many services such as restaurants, showers, different water activities, children’s area, etc.

That is why this beach is one of the favorites, because it is rare that others offer many services like here, besides having parking.

We continue with Matador Beach, located northwest of Malibu, but this one has a different attraction, the landscape.

It is a rocky beach, so to speak; to access it is somewhat complicated by the road you have to travel to get to the beach.

I imagine that because of its difficult access is that many people do not go to visit it, and that means that the beach is even quieter to enjoy a sunset.

What else to visit in Malibu?

We continue with Surfrider Beach, I guess the name gives you an idea about the main activity that takes place on this beach.

And yes, it is named after the surf, also thanks to the swell that is managed in this part of the sea, allowing the development of surfing.

You can attend to enjoy the sunsets or enjoy a meal on the pier overlooking the ocean, or even in the cafeteria of the place.

One of the beaches in California functional as private is Paradise Cove Beach, and by private I mean that you have to pay to access it.

It is a quiet and very beautiful beach, with excellent sunsets and services, but not everyone is willing to pay.

Sadly if the price is somewhat high, but if you consume food on site they can give you a discount without guaranteeing that it will be cheaper.

The best beaches in California in Santa Cruz

What beaches are there in Santa Cruz? Let’s start with Boardwalk, which is the main beach in SC, and one of the most crowded.

Being the main beach, it is therefore the most visited, but it still offers different services and activities, including an amusement park.

It is worth mentioning that to access it by car you have to pay a fee, otherwise you should leave your car far away and you can enter without paying.

Capitola seems to me one of the most beautiful beaches to the eye, because the colorful landscape that has the houses that surround it is very nice.

Besides being a quiet and very safe beach, you can also enjoy bird watching in the lagoon that is located nearby.

Cowell Beach is located on one side of the main beach of SC, but it is usually very visited also because of the type of waves that are calmer for surfing.

Plus you are likely to encounter sea lions taking a nap on the shore of the pier.

From the beaches in California we also have Natural Bridges State Beach, so called because of the arch that is in the sea.

This arch makes the waves break on the shore of the beach, besides being the most representative of it.

On the other hand, I recommend you to visit it from fall to winter to witness a whale or monarch butterfly sighting.


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