Top 4 Advantages of Investing in Gold Bars


Gold is a terrific addition to your investment portfolio and there are different ways to invest in gold. One great way is to invest in gold bars. Buying gold bars, often referred to as bullion, is buying the actual metal in physical form similar to buying gold coins. In order to buy gold bars you will need to find a reputable precious metals dealer, or possibly a bank or brokerage. At any rate in the event of a financial crisis, nothing beats good old fashioned gold.

Gold bars come in a range of sizes with the smallest being a quarter ounce round all the way up to a 400 ounce brick. No matter what size you choose to purchase you will need some way to store and protect your investment such as a bank safe deposit box or reliable home safe. If you have been considering investing in gold bars, keep reading below for more information.

1. Tangible Assets Buying gold bars means that you have access to them at any time. Unless you are using a safe deposit box, you don’t have to rely on the bank to be open, or solvent for that matter. With a home safe and gold bars, anytime you need your gold it is there. Added bonus? Gold bars cannot be destroyed.

2. Privacy No one has to know just how much gold you have stored unless you tell them. There will be no prying eyes into your assets with gold bar in your safe as the transactions are completely private. The only person that knows what you have besides you is the person that you bought it from.

3. Storage Gold bars are completely portable and easy to store. Make sure that you have the appropriate safe that is hidden from view. In the event that you need to move quickly you can easily pick up your bars and go. They are easy to store and durable as well. You will not have to worry about the destruction of your gold by water, rodents, or fire like paper money.

4. Production Costs You can’t lose in buying gold bars when it comes to production costs. It costs much more to mint fancy coins than it does to make bars of gold. You pay a premium on gold for what it costs to produce the bars. These premiums, or fees, cover what it costs for production and shipping, along with the mint’s profit margin. Gold bars are a definite deal in this case.

Valuation Made Easy

It is easy to see how buying  gold bars is an excellent investment strategy. The value of your gold is in the weight, not the design. There is no grading or condition to consider. The bars are stamped with the manufacturer, registration number, weight, and purity along with the refiner. These bars can be traded in any country in the world making it easy to find a buyer anywhere you are.


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