Top 5 College Majors in Demand


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Will you earn a livable salary right out of college?

Will professionals in your field be in-demand five or 10 years from now?

Will your college degree lead to a career with substantial earning and advancement potential?

School has been out for the summer, and now is the perfect time to consult the experts – and ensure you’re in the right field. The top 5 in-demand college majors below are compiled using data from two major sources (Kiplinger and Forbes):

Civil Engineering.
With an average starting salary of $55,600 and mid-career salary levels approaching 6-digit figures, and projected 10-year job growth at 17.2 percent, it’s little wonder this major ranked number one. Civil engineers design and supervise large construction projects (e.g., airports, sewer systems and tunnels). If you are strong in math and science and haven’t declared a major, you might be a good candidate for this field of study.

Biomedical Engineering.
The increasing overlap between biology and technology, as well as increasing life expectancies, are driving explosive job growth (25.7 percent over the next 10 years) in the field of biomedical engineering. Median starting salary for graduates is $60,900, making it an extremely desirable career choice. Individuals with a creative mind, interest in medicine and excellent problem-solving abilities excel in this field.

Computer Science.
Each year, over 3 million jobs are posted online for individuals with a computer science degree. You read that right! Computer science majors are candidates for a wide range of positions, ranging from software and applications development to network administration and systems analysts. If you graduate with a degree in computer science, you can expect to earn between $56,600 and $63,100 right out of school.

As our population continues to age, the need for nurses is expected to increase substantially (10-year job-growth projections are at 15.5 percent). People will always need good medical care and seek out competent, caring professionals to address their health concerns. While working as a nurse requires clinical experience, special licensing and ongoing education, the field is both rewarding and lucrative. Nurse Practitioners (NPs) typically make nearly $97,400 per year.

Management Information Systems (MIS).
MIS is the study of implementing technology within an organization, and it requires a balance of business, social science, project management and computer courses. A degree in Management Information Systems can lead to several computer-related careers, but most graduates pursue opportunities as information systems managers. In addition to being a high-demand field (10-year job growth is projected at 16 percent), it’s also a high-paying field: a mid-career MIS professional typically earns $96,300, and top professionals with an MBA can easily earn over $125,000/year.

Want to work in a high-demand, high-growth field?
Connect with opportunities through local companies and associations in Central Oregon. There are many groups that meet frequently to discuss developments and opportunities within our area, and networking with individuals in your field can be very productive.

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