Top Bags You Have to Choose if You are Environment-Friendly


The effects of plastic on the environment are rather obvious and concerning. The human digestive system has suffered the effect with cancer becoming a rising pandemic. Water bodies are getting clogged up by such wastes from factories as well as households. With plastic taking about 1000 years to decompose, this can only get worse if nothing is done about it.

We need to take action and ensure that we are doing all that we can to protect the environment. This means avoiding any items or activities that appear to contribute to environmental pollution. As a matter of fact, this may not be easy hence the need to start small and with the hope of cultivating a lifestyle out of it.

Today, companies are moving from plastic bags to recyclable and environmentally friendly materials. As a consumer, shopping with eco-friendly bags is an excellent way to help make a difference. Here are just but a few benefits of engaging eco-friendly bags.

  1. They are cost-effective

The best thing about using recyclable bags is that they can get washed and reused. This means, you cut costs while at it, which does not compare to expensing on plastic bags every other time you have to shop. In addition, the cost of plastics has increased because governments are imposing a plastic tax to curb its production.

  1. These are more durable

Recyclable bags are stronger. One such bag is a cotton tote bag. If you do not want bags that will split when you are shopping, you need to get one of this. Plastic bags are prone to crack under pressure. They are not able to handle heavy loads. Strong recyclable bags last for months without showing signs of tear. Not only will you be saving the environment, but you will be getting a practical luggage carrier.

  1. They take up less space

If you buy plastic bags, there is a chance that you have a space for them in your kitchen or pantry. This space always has dozens of plastic bags acquired over time. Sometimes they are too much because they keep piling up. When you choose eco-friendly bags, you will solve a huge chunk of this issue. You will only need one or two cotton tote bags for all your shopping needs, which means that they get to occupy less space. It is likely also that you will remember to carry them with you because of their unique designs and colors. Having them in an obvious place, will easily give you access to them when need arises.

Creative ways to use cotton tote bags

When you choose to go for tote bags instead of plastic ones, you are increasing their usage options beyond grocery shopping. Sure, they allow you to carry more and last longer, but they have more uses than many people give them credit for. With the natural fiber guaranteeing more years of service, here are some more ways you can make use of the bag.

  1. For holding your gym kits

Today, people no longer find it cool to drag a huge athletic bag into the gym. People want to go to the gym and head to work after. Large bags will only delay their plans. This is why most people prefer to use smaller bags that are easier to carry and store away in the car. Tote bags have many designs, and you can custom make yours. This way, it will look great on you everyday.

  1. It can carry your lunch at work

Transporting food and drinks into work can sometimes get awkward. A tote bag has superior strength and will ensure that your food will get to work. If there are any spills, you can always clean the bag and leave it to dry before you leave the office.

  1. Store things in the wardrobe

For most people, there is a sea of stuff at the bottom of the wardrobe. You can shut the doors and pretend that there is nothing wrong with that. Or, you can use tote bags to organize these items and keep the wardrobe neat. You can put things in them and hang them inside wardrobe doors or in the bathroom.


A tote bag allows you to be better organized. It is also an excellent way for you to show that you care about the environment. These bags are roomy, and you can take them to your vacations to carry the things you buy.


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