Top Clover POS Systems for 2020


The Clover POS family of systems has been the gold standard for multi-function point of sale and retail management systems for well over a decade now. The release of the first Clover model back in 2008 changed the industry, introducing for the first time an expandable, fully customizable smart POS that could continue to add apps for improved functionality as they were developed. It was flexible enough to suit almost any business, and it was also accessibly priced for most smaller companies, especially those that only required a single point of sale location. The device’s popularity grew to the point where most of the industry tried to roll out imitations in one form or another, pushing innovation and specialization in a way this industry had not seen to that point. Today, there are quite a few Clover builds for specific kinds of business, allowing for an easier out-of-the-box experience for your business. Here are the top reviewed models for 2020.

The Booker Station

The Booker POS station was designed using the Clover OS, so it has the apps and interface that will be familiar to anyone who has worked with Clover systems before. The big innovation it brings to the market is its focus on appointment-based businesses. Booker has built-in apps for scheduling, inventory management, and your actual point of sales just like other Clover builds, but it also comes with advanced appointment-setting features that make it easy for you to see who is working when and to schedule their regular clients. It’s built to serve hair and nail salons, as well as similar businesses, providing the out of the box features you need to balance product sales and in-store service to suit your company’s revenue model.

Flexible Clover Builds for Personalized Service

The Clover Flex build is a powerful but tiny version of the familiar interface that allows you to take care of sales in a more personal way. Take it tableside to take any form of payment quickly and conveniently, allowing customers to streamline the end of a dining experience. It’s built to be perfect for the task, but it’s also great for those times when you’ve got a rush and you need extra team members to process sales from people in line, without making them wait for a free counter. That makes express checkout even faster and more convenient, because the register goes to the customer. It’s ideal for sales of large items or outdoor checkouts like those found in garden departments and lumberyards.

  • 3G and WiFi connectivity to work anywhere, even on the road
  • Compact size and long battery life
  • Five inch touchscreen display for easy navigation and signature capture
  • Use as a stand-alone or add a unit to your existing POS layout

Full-Service Clover 2.0 Stations

The new Clover station offers a more expansive, customization-friendly experience with built-in features today’s companies need. Get chip card support and advanced support apps for full-service restaurants out of the box, as well as a host of other updates and features designed to provide you with the tools you need to manage a competitive public-facing business in 2020.


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