Top Five Benefits of Employee Scheduling Software


When you are running a business, one of the most time consuming tasks is creating the schedule for your employees. You have to make sure that you have enough people working while sticking to shift requirements. You need to know when employees need a day off, and you have to be prepared in case there is a change at the last minute. One of the best ways to create your schedule more efficiently is by using employee scheduling software.

  1. You Save Time

One of the biggest benefits of using this software is that you save time. You don’t need to create a new schedule each week because you can transfer schedules that work from one week to the next. This is great when you try to keep the same schedule each week. However, you can also save time when you change the schedule each week. You can often drag and drop shifts and adjust the schedule as you create it.

  1. You Can Automate Employee Requests

Employees can request time off or let you know when they are sick, and you can easily approve it. It helps you keep a digital record of scheduling changes and requests. You won’t have to go through notes and other records of requests for time off because everything will be in one location. It helps to ensure that you make the schedule correctly the first time so that you won’t have to adjust it later.

  1. You Can Schedule Staff Strategically

When you use employee scheduling software, you can optimize your coverage when you make the schedule. It helps you see where there is downtime and you can plan on cross training or stocking during this time. You can improve your customer service by making sure that you have enough people scheduled during busy times, and you can schedule employees such that you have at least one of your most experienced workers there at all times.

  1. It Improves Your Communication

Relying on emails or what your employees tell you can be difficult, and it forces you to remember a lot of different information at the same time. If someone tells you they want a day off, you might not remember who else has asked. You can send out the schedule after you make it, but you can also send out notifications with updates. Your employees will appreciate the quick update, and you won’t have to worry that someone didn’t see the new schedule.

  1. It Improves the Employee Experience

When you are scheduling by hand, employees need to let you know if they plan to change shifts or need time off. It takes time and it opens the door for scheduling errors. It is easy to have misunderstandings or forget something an employee requested. When you use this software, the employees can manage their own changes. They can trade shifts, notify you of time off, and more. This improves their experience, makes them feel more positive about the job, and improves employee satisfaction.


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