Top Marketing Strategies Every Auto Repair Shop Must Implement


As a mechanic or auto repair shop, you know that walk-in clients are not enough to sustain a business. You also fully understand the need for concerted efforts to attract new customers and maintain existing ones. This is why you need auto repair marketing strategies that will help bring business to your doorstep.

Though it seems otherwise, formulating a mechanic or auto repair shop marketing plan is not rocket science. A well-thought-out targeted marketing approach will prop up your business visibility and also attract new customers. Let us look over several auto repair marketing strategies that a business can integrate into the marketing plan and invite new business.

Upload Explanatory Videos

One sure technique UpSwell advocates for auto repair marketing is posting explanatory videos online. It is a great and proven way to capture your potential customer’s attention by providing useful, visual, and enlightening information about their cars and services required. You can publish the videos on the repair shop’s YouTube channel or embed them directly into your website.

Create a Blog

A blog’s effectiveness in informing and connecting with customers to boost SEO and search rankings cannot be passed over. It will help you share your expertise relating to the automotive industry, the importance of regular car maintenance, etc. Also, create a referral rewards program and encourage your existing customers to work for you by offering rewards for every successful referral made. The rewards may be in the form of freebies, content entries, and service discounts.

Connect with Local Shoppers Online

Another useful approach is connecting with online shoppers in your locality. The auto repair shop’s marketing plan can be tailored to target local customers looking for an auto shop or a mechanic near them. This is realized by optimizing the business site for local SEO, using Facebook and Google ads to target local customers, and creating Yelp profile pages and Google Business.

Create A Services Subscription Plan and Informative In-Store Content

If regular vehicle maintenance is your niche, implement a plan that ensures customers always return for all their maintenance needs. A subscription plan that allows loyal customers to spread their payments out in return for discounted future services will go a long way in separating your business from the rest. Also, build trust with your customers by frequently providing informative content that:

  • Clearly explains how services performed and why they are necessary
  • Shares facts about services and products value
  • Produces product demos that show how different items work

Promote Products and Services Via In-Store Signage

To appreciate the new signposts, you will have to discard all the old posters and fliers (customers have been ignoring these) and embrace engaging digital signage. Go the extra mile and acquire digital screens that will allow you to customize television programming in the waiting area, update promotions, and show animated and video ads. In essence, television programming acts as a sales tool that pushes your services to the customers.

Increase Your Social Media Engagement

Be intentional about using your social media accounts to offer engaging and informative content about the trade you play. Create a profile on Facebook and regularly update with information that you are convinced will be relevant to your audience regarding vehicles. Besides repair, you can diversify the topics and write about car maintenance, driver safety tips, traffic news, customer satisfaction stories, etc.

Use Social Media as a Contact Platform

Apart from sending messages, social media also enables you to listen to what others are saying. Employ social listening to get information about your target customer’s problems and their feeling about your brand. While at it, look out for mentions of your brand and competitors and comments related to your auto industry.

Request for Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are crucial in building trust and attracting new clients to your business. Try to make setups that encourage past customers to post testimonies on review sites, feedback cards, and filmed testimonials. Strategically share the reviews on your social media accounts where customers can read how much others love your business.

Post Before and After Photos

You will earn the customer’s trust by sharing content that speaks well of your work. Use Instagram or digital signage to highlight before and after photos of the work completed by your team. Also, take quality photos that feature the mechanics’ quality work and post them on your website or print brochures.

Send Regular Emails

Email marketing still works, making it one of the best digital advertising tools today. It works when you collect email addresses from customers and launch a newsletter. It is only effective when best practices are upheld. You must:

  • Know your audience. Ensure that you define your target audience before creating any useful content. Once you understand whom you are addressing, you can prepare content relevant and compelling for the audience
  • Segment the audience. Try to identify different customer habits as you prepare the email list to only send content that each customer can relate to. Is the customer a track owner, oil change, or an auto repair customer?
  • Prioritize value over promotions. Customers do appreciate deals but certainly won’t be impressed with too many ads and promotions. You need to maintain a healthy balance between sales-focused ads and valuable content

Personalize Service Reminders Via Text or Email

Those personalized reminders will undoubtedly cause your business to stand out. Make a deliberate effort to collect customer data and create profiles that show you when a customer’s car is due for maintenance. With this information, you can send personalized reminders and deals via email or text. Deals may include:

  • Free service for buying another service
  • Percentage discounts, e.g., 20% off an oil change
  • Seasonal specials, etc.

Build A Robust Follow Up Program

A strong follow-up program helps maintain the customer’s connection by staying in touch with them after the auto repair shop visit. Formulate and implement a program that enables you to contact the customers after receiving service at your location. This marketing strategy allows for feedback collection about the repair shop performance and enhances connection with the customers.

Final Word

All the auto repair marketing strategies shared here will only make a difference in your work when they’re implemented. Use these ideas to execute your marketing plan and watch your customer base grow to insane levels that you never anticipated.


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