Top Reasons Good Design Matters to a Business


A striking and memorable visual presence is one of the top qualities that can provide no end of benefits to a company. Therefore, you certainly need to make this one of your top areas of focus. Here, we are going to focus on just a few of the main reasons why this is so important to any type of organization, big or small.

First Impressions Count

As human beings, we still rely a great deal on our first impressions. Not only is this an approach that we take towards people, but the same is also true of businesses. With this knowledge in mind, you need to be able to grab customers straight away, and the visual presence that you give off is certainly going to be the main way of doing this – whether it is through a beautifully designed website or a striking advert. For this reason, so many businesses decide to employ the services of a professional design company such as Oxygen Graphics to help them create this. You only get one chance to make a first impression.

Create Consumer Trust

Any business that looks like the design has not been well thought-through is a lot less likely to be trusted in the grand scheme of things. If people think that this area has not been carefully considered, they may then start to believe that you are not the professional outfit that you initially claimed to be. This often comes in the form of logging onto a website in the modern age. People are a lot less likely to trust your organization with their essential details if it looks like the site has not been designed properly.

Increased Sales

The way that a product looks on the shelf can easily have a direct impact on the number of sales that you make. Not only this, but people often make decisions on the services or subscriptions that they use based on the way the brand in question looks. So, when you spend more on the visuals of your company, it is much more likely that this is going to translate into tangible success in terms of your bottom-line results.

Stick in the Mind

We have talked about the importance of first impressions, but it is often the case that a person only really pays attention to your brand after they have seen it a number of times. If you have a strong visual presence, this is certainly going to help out in the task of sticking in the mind of your consumers and convincing them that they should buy your product or use your services – depending on what it is that you have on offer.

As you can see from these four reasons alone, there is a lot to be gained from a strong visual presence in your business, so if this is an area that you have been overlooking up until this point, now is the time to give this strategy a rethink and pay more attention to it.


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