Top Tips for Creating a Timeless Website for Your Business


It is not uncommon for new trends in website design to come and go every year. In fact, we had a number of articles about web design trends here on Cascade Business News. Your business’s website needs to look modern and up to date for it to be attractive in the eyes of customers, which means keeping the design of the site fresh and up to date.

While staying in tune with the latest trends is important, you don’t have to change the design of your site every year. In fact, this is counterproductive since it will throw your visitors off with every change. What you need to do is create a website that is as timeless as it can be, and we have just the tips to help you in this article.

Focus on Readability

Good web dev services focus more on effective content delivery. The visual elements of a website are important, but they are only as good as the site’s ability to deliver content effectively. This is where good readability comes in handy.

Websites that utilize a good font, the right line spacing, and good design, in general, will have maximum readability. You can tell by how much time visitors actually spend reading your content. Websites with high readability tend to have higher time-on-site.

Readability is also timeless. The same fonts and design elements that maximize readability will appear fresh and modern even after a couple of years. The next time you do a redesign of your business’s website, this is one of the most important factors to focus on.

The Business’s Identity

A website for a business is more than just a page that displays product information. It is a representation of that business and its identity online. Branding is always an important part of designing and developing a website and you can have a longer-lasting site by putting more effort into branding itself.

Establish a business identity and make sure you keep it consistent. The identity can include the color scheme you use for the site, common shapes and branding elements, and even placement of such elements on pages.

Even when you make small changes to keep the site trendy and up-to-date in terms of looks, you will not be confusing your audience. Consistent branding will get your site (and your brand) recognized faster than you think.

A Visual Scale

One thing that even the most experienced web developers often neglect when creating a site is scale. A good website needs a consistent order of elements. That order or hierarchy is what makes a site appears balanced and proportional. As long as the hierarchy remains the same, changes to the site for trendy reasons will not be as noticeable.

There are big, regular-sized, and small elements on every site. The way these elements are organized in relation to each other matters. You can’t have a big logo at the top of the site, and then an overly small navigation menu right below it. Proportions matter.

These simple tips will help you keep your website looking fresh and modern for longer. Sure, you can still make small updates and follow the latest trends, but applying these tips will help you maintain consistency and keep those changes to a minimum.


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