Trendy sectors to invest in for Q3 2021


If you’re a stock trader, you might be wondering what industries the most promising sectors are to invest in during the second half of 2021. Of course, there is no one answer, as no one trader has the same goal in mind. Still, there are a few investment trends to be aware of that may very well drive share prices for the rest of 2021. Let’s have a look at the trendy sectors you might want to look out for.


This industry is one of the most interesting sectors to invest in, as you’d be supporting companies to save lives by finding new cures and new ways to diagnose diseases. The biotech industry has become a very important sector in the race to find Covid-19 drug treatments. The sector has a wide range of players, from small start-up companies to large established firms. While both types of companies can provide great investment opportunities, biotech penny stocks are likely to be the fastest growing biotech stocks to invest in, but they’re also riskier, as they are extremely volatile. If you’re interested, have a look at these top biotech penny stocks to watch.


The technology sector is massive and has always shown promising investment opportunities – and with the pandemic, the way people interact with each other has likely changed forever. With mandatory social distancing and lockdown measures, people have increasingly worked, learned and relaxed from home, which has propelled the technology sector to new heights. Transformational, revolutionary technologies are thriving in 2021, supporting the global economy to recover from the pandemic and provide innovative solutions for the post-Covid world.


More and more states are considering legalizing the use of cannabis for recreational purposes, which makes the marijuana sector a growth sector, as it requires massive infrastructures to support the growth and exploitation of the plant. Another key factor of this sector is that there are several types of companies you can invest in, which means you can invest in the cannabis sector indirectly. These ancillary marijuana companies might focus on production, supply chain, packaging, and industrial systems, among others.

Green investing

With droughts, wildfires, storms, flooding, and heatwaves occurring more frequently across the world, climate change effects are increasingly harming human and animal lives, which are pushing governments to take action. That’s why green investing is a promising sector to invest in. Green investing is also interesting for investors wanting to make a difference with their investments, by focusing on companies working to preserve and conserve natural resources, or producing alternative energy sources, with environmentally conscious business standards and practices.

Bottom Line

Biotech, technology, cannabis, and green investments are some of the trendiest sectors going today. Depending on your trading strategy and goals, these sectors may provide great investment opportunities to profit from. Regardless of whether you’re investing in blue chips or penny stocks, always remember to diversify your investment portfolio to mitigate your risks across a wide range of sectors and assets.


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