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Pacific Power Will Match Your Contribution to Oregon Energy Fund 2-For-1

Helping your neighbors and their families stay warm just got easier. Pacific Power will match every dollar you donate to the Oregon Energy Fund with $2 more.

“Despite Oregon’s recent economic recovery, many of the jobs created are lower wage positions that often cannot sustain a family. That means many Oregonians are working harder for less money,” said Brian Allbritton, executive director of Oregon Energy Fund, formerly known as HEAT Oregon. “Many of these families have to face an impossibly difficult reality like, do I pay the light bill this month, or do I put money aside to make sure that I can pay for my child’s medicine next week? No one should have to make that difficult choice. Pacific Power’s support of the Oregon Energy Fund has been instrumental in providing emergency energy aid to their customers experiencing hardships.”

Last year, Pacific Power’s donations helped 882 households in need throughout Oregon including 739 children, 232 seniors and 291 people with disabilities. This year, Pacific Power’s 2-for-1 match will continue up to $144,000.

Pacific Power customers who receive their bills by mail will find it includes an Oregon Energy Fund contribution envelope. Customers who pay their bills electronically can send a check or enroll in the fixed donation program. This program allows customers to donate any dollar amount, starting at $1 per month, which is then incorporated into their monthly bill. Fixed donations will also be matched 2-for-1 by Pacific Power. To enroll in the fixed donation program call Pacific Power toll-free at 888-221-7070.

All donations are tax-deductible and are forwarded directly to the Oregon Energy Fund, which verifies eligibility and allocates funds to those in need. All funds donated are used to assist families in need from the same county in which the donor resides.

Customers who need bill assistance themselves can talk with Pacific Power representatives who can help with payment plans that work for their individual needs and direct them to agencies that may be able to help. Pacific Power’s customer service number is 1-888-221-7070.


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