Unemployment in Central Oregon Dropped Significantly in November 2015


According to Damon Runberg, Economist for State of Oregon Employment Department, unemployment levels dropped significantly across Central Oregon in November. Improvement to Deschutes County’s unemployment rate was largely driven by impressive holiday retail hiring. Crook County sees the lowest rate in nearly eight years at 8.3 percent.

Crook County: The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate dropped to 8.3 percent in November, the lowest rate in nearly eight years. The rate remains down from last year when it was 9.6percent.

Employment levels dropped by 90 jobs in November, which was a slightly larger decline than the 70 jobs typically lost this time of year. Losses were concentrated in construction, government, and leisure and hospitality.

There were 120 fewer jobs in November compared withthis time last year (-2.1 percent). Job losses remain concentrated in wood products manufacturing, which is down 160 jobs from last year. The largest gains were seen in educational and health services (+40 jobs).

Deschutes County (Bend-Redmond MSA):The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 5.8 percent in November, down from 6.3 percent in October. The rate was 7.3 percent last November.

Deschutes County shed 230 jobs in November, which was slightly less than the expected seasonal decline of 310 jobs. Retail trade was up nearly 400 jobs from very strong holiday hiring. Seasonal declines continued in the tourism industry and construction.

Employment levels remain up significantly from this time last year, +4,020 jobs (+5.7 percent). The vast majority of these job gains were in the private sector (+3,730 jobs). Retail trade (+980); educational and health services (+770); and mining, logging, and construction (+580) accounted for the largest gains from last year. Manufacturing was the only industry to post job losses over the past year (-80).

Jefferson County: The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate remained little changed at 7.6 percent in November. The unemployment rate remains down significantly from last November (8.6 percent).

Jefferson County lost 100 jobs in November, fairly close to the expected decline of 120 jobs this time of year.

Total nonfarm employment levels are unchanged from last November.However, the private sector remains up 140 jobs from last year. Job growth was concentrated in construction, manufacturing, and professional and business services. The only major job losses were in local government (-140 jobs).


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