Unique Pet Businesses You Need To Put Up


Do you love pets? Do you want to make some money? If you answered yes to those two questions, then you are in luck, because there are tons of option for you to make money and be around your favorite animals all at once! We’re not talking about your normal vet/kennel jobs or working in a chain pet store. You can start your very own business that stems from the things you love. From making treats, painting portraits and doggy day-care, here is a list of unique pet businesses you can start.

Animal Blogger- If you love to write, what’s easier than writing about your own pet? You can give tips, tell funny stories (or horror stories), share photos and news. Starting a blog is pretty simple and the more traffic the blog gets, the more money will come in.

Pet Toy Maker- There a lot of options when making toys. You can make extra strong toys that will withstand a power-chewer, environmentally friendly toys and of course your classic plushies. If you are good at sewing, plush type toys are a great option. If you are an avid recycler, then you can use things like plastic bottles to make new toys with as well.


Make Organic Treats- People are being more aware of what they are eating and the same goes for their pets. You can make healthy organic treats that’s good for the environment and health from your own kitchen. Sell the treats online or take them to shelters and vet offices to get them out there for pets to try, then adjust your recipe to what the pups want and like.

Puppy Play Time Business- Open a studio where can you help owners, socialize their new puppies or kittens. It’s important for young dogs and cats to be around different animals and people to get proper socialization, so they can grow up and be well rounded pets. You can even offer a puppy yoga class, where people can do yoga while puppies roam around and give snuggles and become more social.

On The Go Grooming- You can have a portable grooming service where you travel to businesses, parks or even homes to groom pets. You can equip a vehicle to be able to bathe, trim nails, brush teeth etc…

Pet Photographer- People get portraits of their human family, so why not their pets? Create a portfolio by maybe starting with your own pets so you can start your own pet photography business. You can capture priceless memories and making money doing it.

Pet Massage Therapist/Chiropractor- This one you will need to have some background in, but opening a spa type business for pets is a great option. Many pet owners would love to have their dogs/cats messaged or adjusted (if OK’d with a vet). Messages can help with stress levels and muscle relief too.

Doggy Day-Care/Boarding- This is a great option, especially if you have the room. You can board dogs/cats in your own home while owners are on vacation or watch pets for a day while people work.

Pet Matching- Being a pet matcher, you can connect people to anything pet related. Whether searching for a shelter, boarding facility, play dates or products, you can be the middleman and find whatever the pet owner is looking for. You can have a website that shows what your services will be and the cost for each item you help with.

There are tons of option for you to have your very own pet business. Research your area and check out what is needed or what is in demand for future customers. You can be as creative as you want from cleaning businesses to cooking and art, so if you are an animal lover and you want to start a business, these are some great options for you to explore.


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