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It is with a heavy heart that we bring you an update that the Board of Redmond’s Spirit Foundation (RSF) has made the difficult decision to sunset Redmond’s Spirit Foundation.

RSF was the brainchild of our friend David Foote. You would be hard pressed to find a more creative and community-minded individual and he made it easy for us to all jump on board in 2018 with his vision of what RSF could do for our community. Unfortunately, David passed away June 2, 2018 before we were able to bring his vision to reality.

Since David’s passing, we have worked hard to replace the spark, energy and passion he brought to this effort. We thank all who contributed, participated and rallied behind this foundation and know the heart of the mission is still a good one. None of us wants to feel like we let David down but we don’t want to let our community down either. At this point, our fundraising has not achieved the levels we initially coveted as an opportunity to make some “real differences” to local nonprofit organizations. We feel that continuing RSF at this particular juncture could actually interfere with other well-organized and much needed fundraising efforts.

To date, we have enjoyed the participation of over 145 individuals and businesses and have provided over $41,000 to local organizations including Reach, Beulah’s Place, SMART Reading Program, Neighbor Impact/Every Child, Central Oregon Veteran’s Ranch, Camp Eagle Cap, Redmond Senior Center, Rimrock Trails Treatment Center and Shepherd’s House Ministries.

We currently have a little over $3,000 in the RSF account. We wanted you to be among the first to know that we will be making one final request for applications that we will then vet and forward to all those who have contributed since 2018 so you can have a vote on distributing those funds. Once that is done, we will be dissolving the organization.

Though our efforts may have fallen short of our original goals, your participation has made a difference in our community and we applaud you.


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