Why Use a Personal Travel Agent in this Modern Day? Bend, Oregon Travel Agent Explains


With the advent of the modern computer and internet, travel agencies are few and far apart these days. Many people think that it is much easier and less expensive to use do-it–yourself travel websites, but that simply is not the case.

Many people think they have to pay for our service, but the travel supplier pays us, just like they do the agents who work exclusively for them.

Take a look at a brief list of just a few of the benefits that a personal travel consultant can offer:

• Unbiased Information-An independent agent works for you, not the travel supplier, so our concern is you and your unique needs, and the ability to offer choices of many suppliers and destinations.

• Value-you can be kept up to date on special promotions for only the type of travel and location you desire to give you the most out of your vacation dollar.

• Customer Advocate-In the rare case something doesn’t go as planned on your trip, you have someone that you know to assist in resolving the problem.

• Personalized Service-need help planning your next getaway? You can call, email, or set up a face to face meeting at your home or a convenient location.

• Large Group Travel- i.e. business, church, organization, social groups, theme based (religious, culinary, wine, wedding), or extended family; a travel consultant will take the headache out of all the details of getting everyone together.

Travel agents receive extensive ongoing training from their suppliers to book your trip more efficiently, while keeping your budget in mind.

What is YOUR TIME worth? Let a travel agent save you the time and headache of planning your next trip.

John and Renee Price of J-R Price Travel

John and Renee Price of J-R Price Travel

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