How Video Can Be A Great Way To Engage With Your Customers


When it comes to marketing, engagement is key. Long gone are the days when consumers sat passively across from the TV screen and received the campaigns as they poured in. In today’s market, the audience is dynamic, powerful, picky, and has opinions to share – and if they don’t like your product or campaign, they take to social media to voice their concerns.

Although this might sound challenging at first, it is actually a great opportunity for marketers. Think about it this way; would you rather put your product on the shelf and have it expire there without a clue about why it happened? Would you rather air a commercial on TV and not know whether or not people actually like it, or if it got them to keep buying your product or service, or better yet, convert from  the competition? What if it actually puts them off? Wouldn’t you like to know and learn?


Video Production

Modern media have a lot to offer marketers, if utilized properly. And with the short attention spans nowadays, people no longer want to read long advertorials or pages upon pages in a brochure. Short promotional videos have become a popular form of both communication and engagement. If you live in or happen to pass by say, London, for example, and you want to take your campaign to the next level, the first step would be to find a professional video production company in London that will help you convey your message properly, quickly, and in an attractive manner.

Not only are they easy and convenient to watch on laptops and phones, videos generally add a more human touch to any campaign. People like funny, witty content with a twist – they like a story, and you should use that to your benefit. A good storyteller seamlessly integrates the advertised product or service into a video that people may find interesting and even share on their own timelines, giving you free visibility, and creating word of mouth that you didn’t pay for.

Going Live

The beauty of social media is that it grants you the level of engagement you need to adjust your campaigns, or even products and services, in a timely fashion. Once your video goes live, and the visibility picks up, the likes and comments – as well as shares – will give you a wealth of data almost instantaneously.

Using your online presence, you can also provide immediate responses and clarifications to existing and potential customers asking about further details. It creates valuable dialogue that allows you to learn what your target segment wants, needs, and is willing to pay for.

Listening to Your Audience

Watching the global trends is great, but listening to real people on the ground is priceless. Many companies fail to listen to the needs of their customers, leading to greater losses as their products and services become irrelevant or obsolete. When you know what people like, you make more of it; when you know what they need, you provide it; and when you know what put them off, you will make a note to not repeat it in the future.

Life in Motion

Today’s dynamic world calls for dynamic actions, and a good marketer is not one who imposes their viewpoints on customers, but one who creates what they want. From the promotional materials through which you choose to present your business, to the actual products and services you offer, always remember that acting quickly and with higher agility will allow you and your business to stay ahead of the curve.


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