Technology has changed every aspect of human life, from the way we travel to the way we work; technology has revolutionized our lies completely. While technology may have some severe pitfalls that make few people view it as a tool that can one day lead to the destruction of human life, technology is a catalyst that drives positive changes in all areas of human life. 

For a college or high school student that is currently at home due to health restrictions in place as a result of the global pandemic, technology has enabled their learning. Technology has provided a platform for the organization and operation of distance learning systems that are gradually replacing the traditional classroom-based learning systems. However, amongst a long list of other technological innovations that are used in full flow in the educational sector, technology is enhancing the academic development of students in the following ways;

1. Digital models

Technology is enhancing education in so many ways and one of the ways is by providing softwares that aids in the development of models and simulations, drawing a clearer insight to students. With the help of technology, students now obtain a deep understanding of the various concepts and techniques taught in class and this arises from the development of 3D materials that features high quality contents related to their field of study. 

2. Elimination of distance learning barriers 

Technology has led to the development of online learning platforms and systems that allows students to enjoy unlimited access to course materials and textbooks no matter where they are. Students who could not attend some schools due to the huge distance barrier can now attend these schools from their homes through social media or other innovative apps like zoom. Also, they can write their exams too and acquire honors. Hence, technology has created an equal learning opportunity for all students.

3. Improved communication among teachers and students

Technology has led to the improvement of teacher-student relationships caused by a constant communication between both parties. In past years, a student could only communicate with his teacher physically in the classroom or office. However, technology has opened new and better channels of communication for all parties with social media, email and instant messaging empowering students with the ability to send hundreds of mails at any point in time to their teacher. Also, technology has improved communication among students because with the help of technology, students belonging to the same reading groups can easily communicate with each other to brainstorm and exchange ideas for projects or assignments.

4. Research made easy

Gone are the days where a student must pay a visit to the local library before they can gain access to relevant papers, textbooks and information. However, in the present age technology offers a seamless research process to students to obtain pieces of helpful information at a very fast rate. With the use of search engines like Google, project data, samples and slides can now be available to any student at the speed of light. Furthermore, students can buy some of these related papers online by just clicking on buy essay.

5. Proper assessment

Technology has led to the development of apps and software that is used by teachers in accessing the academic performances of students. With relevant data obtained, teachers can easily measure the academic performances of students by using tools that adequately ranks and calculates the CGPA of a student. Also, technology is aiding in the physiological assessment of students by providing tutors with real-time performances of students.

6. Retends memory 

Technology has led to the development of apps and software that improves the capacity and ability of a person to pretend memory. In school, most students now play some of these amazing memory-retention games like Sudoku, Eidetic, mind games etc to improve and enhance their memory. When the brain of a student performs at its highest level, it leads to an automatic improvement in the academic performances of the student.

7. Unlimited access to the latest technological concepts and innovations

Technology is a catalyst that enhances the academic development of students in several ways. Technology provides some students with a quick update of the latest technological innovations through social media and other related channels. Constant exposure to newspapers, magazines, term papers and industry-related journals, helps to provide the students with templates or guides for academic work.

8. Technology excites students

For a student to perform excellently in class, they need to be excited about the whole learning process. Nevertheless, constant exposure to computers and softwares will get a student acquainted with the latest technology.  

In summary, technology has done more harm than good and in the educational sector, technology has led to the development of outstanding innovations that are enhancing education. In case you are still having some doubts, this article contains enough reasons to convince you.


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