What Happens If You Win Too Much In An Online Casino?


The internet has taken over the world like a wildfire. People are so connected to it that a human cannot imagine their existence without having the internet. It has everything; it connects people from across the world and has plenty of entertainment sources. One such way of keeping yourself in the loop of getting entertained is online gambling or online casinos such as one of the biggest gambling brands as Joker123.

People have used this article’s title to spread rumors for so long now that people avoid gambling online but let me bust the myth first. The myth is that online casinos ban you if you win too much. While many players have been actually banned and their accounts have been closed, the myth is still false.

There are only two conditions that lead to getting banned from gambling websites.

  1. If the player is playing on a website that’s not actually legit,
  2. If the player violates the rules of the casino

If you are not violating any rules and sure that the casino is statutory, then don’t worry; your casino cannot just kick you out to win big.

Things That Happen When You Win Too Much In Online Gambling?

Remember how the land-based casinos used to make you fill out a tax form as soon as you start winning big, and you all were like, “Let me take my money to my home peacefully.”. The very same way you have to file tax forms if you win big on the internet. Yes, the IRS is after your money. They will not let you check out your big win before you fill out the form. They have designed a tax form specially to take a cut from your winnings. Here it is, W-2-G- Internal Revenue Service.

In online casinos, they make you identify yourself by uploading a government-issued identity card, and no, you cannot make the withdrawal before identifying yourself. The interesting thing here is they don’t ask you to prove your identity before you try to check out. So, get ready to produce a government-issued identity card before you start gambling.

After filling the tax form and producing a valid ID before them, you need to decide from the two options they give you for cashouts, and then you are done.

You can take the lump sum amount together or you can take the annuity.

Well, they give you about three months to decide generally so, you don’t need to make the decision the very moment you win, but if you’re looking for lessened tax bills, then go for the annuity. You can also use a workaround of playing in the offshore sites. For example, you can access G Club online and take all advantages of legit gambling sites.


Now that you have read the article, you know things to do after you win big online are not more complicated than they were at the land-based ones.

It’s definitely less fun than being escorted to your vehicle with all the money and all the greetings, sometimes with an offer for staying free at their hotels the next time you visit, but it is definitely more comfortable to gamble from the comfort of your blanket, right?

Just keep these few things in your mind before gambling at these online casinos.

  1. Check if the casino you are playing at is legit and statute,
  2. Read the casino rules, in brief, to avoid getting banned from playing,
  3. Get prepared to produce a government-issued identification before them,
  4. Get ready to fill out an IRS designed form,
  5. And to check for any lessened tax bills in case you decide to cash out in an annuity instead of the lump sum amount.

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