What Is Delta-8 Hydrocannabinol?


If you have been following our other work, you probably know a few things about Cannabinoids by now. In particular, you probably know that there are over a hundred different Cannabinoid substances in the Hemp plant. All of them have unique properties and effects, and the mixture of these Cannabinoids is what gives each strain its distinctive qualities. Today, we are going to talk about Delta-8 Hydrocannabinol, which is probably one of the least-known of these substances.

What Is Delta-8 Hydrocannabinol?

You may have wondered about the difference between Hemp and Marijuana. These plants are the same species but have different legal statuses. The law defines “Marijuana” as a Cannabis strain that contains more than 0.3% THC. That which is below 0.3% is legal and classified as “Hemp.”

You almost certainly know that THC is the main psychoactive ingredient that gives Marijuana its distinctive “high.” What you may know is that THC stands for Delta-9 Hydrocannabinol. Delta-8 Hydrocannabiniol, on the other hand, is a very similar compound that does some of the same things. Because it is not specifically mentioned in any laws, it offers a less-regulated alternative.

Why Isn’t Delta-8 THC Covered In The Law?

This is probably due to the fact that Delta-8 only occurs naturally in small amounts. The amount of Delta-8 that is naturally present in most Cannabis is so small that lawmakers and scientists likely didn’t feel it to be important. Also, the laws against Cannabis were made at a time when science didn’t have nearly as much information about this plant. To understand this a little better, let’s go straight to the source.

Cannabis was first made illegal in the United States by Franklin D. Roosevelt. In 1937, he signed the “Marijuana Tax Act,” the full text of which can be found here. If you do a quick “CTRL+F” search on this page, you will see that the words “THC” do not appear anywhere therein. Thus, we can see that these regulations were not based on an understanding of Hemp’s components.

Will Delta-8 THC Get You “High?”

This is a good question because Delta-8 is so similar to Delta-9 THC. The fact is that Delta-8 does not produce the same kind of euphoric effects. However, it definitely does produce a type of “high” that is a lot more subtle than that of its psychedelic cousin.

To get a more exact idea, let’s look at this study. These researchers tested both Delta-8 and Delta-9 on human subjects. They used both oral and intravenous methods to deliver the Cannabinoids, and the results were very similar. They found that the effects of Delta-8 were very similar to those of Delta-9 but were not quite as strong. They described it as a “2:3 ratio.” That means Delta-9 is about one-third stronger than Delta-8. So, the conclusion is obvious: Same effects, but not quite as strong.

Potential Benefits Of Delta-8

Those who smoke Marijuana for its psychoactive effects might find that they now have a legal way to get (almost) the same effect. Although CBD is generally considered to be the most important medical constituent of Cannabis, it does lack somewhat in the mental benefit department.

CBD, by itself, has many of the same medicinal benefits as the whole plant. However, the mental change that usually accompanies the use of this plant has been virtually removed. As a result, it isn’t quite as good for depression and other mental issues. Delta-8 allows those who use Cannabis in this way to effect a change in their mood without breaking the law or dealing with criminals. Because it is weaker than Delta-9 THC, it is also less likely to impair your driving ability.

Delta-8 also has a lot of potential when it comes to anti-nausea/anti-vomiting applications. A lot of cancer patients experience nausea and vomiting as a side effect of chemotherapy, and Cannabis is often used to counteract these things. According to this medical trial, Delta-8 showed great potential in that department. They wanted to determine if Delta-8 is as good for the prevention of vomiting as Delta-9. The words “complete success” (in the conclusion section) tell us all that we need to know. They said that it did take a higher dosage than Delta-9, but Delta-8 still proved to be very efficacious. Thus, when it comes to chemotherapy mitigation, Delta-8 seems like a better choice than pure CBD.


If you’ve never heard of Delta-8 before, you should consider giving it a try from mrhempflower.com/. At the present time, it is a little expensive, but that is likely to change. Even those who normally smoke Delta-9 will find that it offers a nice change of pace. The only problem at present would be the fact that appropriate strains have not yet been cultivated.

As we said earlier, Cannabis normally contains very little Delta-8, so it takes a lot of plant material to obtain a small amount. However, we expect this to change as Delta-8-dominant strains are developed and propagated. Stay tuned to this site if you want the latest news on these matters, as we will be sure to keep you up to date.


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