What to Do if Your Online Marketing Metrics Aren’t Showing Positive Results 


Even if you worked hard to improve your online marketing campaign, there’s no guarantee that the results will be in your favor. Things may head in the wrong direction. The good thing is that you can use web analytics tools to determine the movement of your campaign. Once you understand the results, it’s easier to plan the next steps. If the current results reveal that you’re not doing well, it can be frustrating.

Clear your thoughts, and don’t overreact. There might be a valid explanation behind the failure to meet the expectations. You also have to review the data. Perhaps, you misunderstood the information, and it’s not as bad as it seems. A second look might give you a different picture. However, if the results are still bad, these are the things you need to do.

Determine what went wrong 

Admit the reality that something went wrong, and make some changes. Even if you felt like you did an excellent job with your previous campaign, it didn’t turn out the way you wanted. Find out what happened and avoid doing the same strategies. If not, you can tweak them to expect a different outcome. For instance, you realize that email marketing wasn’t the best way to reach your target audience. You have to let that strategy go. If you have a high bounce rate, you can determine the issues with web design and content.

Talk to your marketing team 

Have an honest conversation with your marketing team, but the goal is to find ways to do better. It’s not about determining who did a terrible job and blaming that person. The blame game will most likely ruin your chances of doing better in future campaigns. You will also discourage your team from improving. Start by throwing around new ideas for the next campaigns. You can have an honest discussion without making people feel bad.

Take a different route 

You already tried some strategies to target your potential customers online. If they didn’t work, it means that you have to take a different route. For instance, if you focused on guest posting, you can pay more attention to your social media campaigns. Perhaps, you have to analyze which platform to use and have a better connection with your audience. You can’t expect a different result if you keep trying the same strategies. Don’t worry about taking the risk since it’s the only way to move forward.

Be more optimistic 

You can’t control what will happen next. Some of your strategies might work this time, but others won’t. Don’t allow yourself to think about negative results even before you begin your campaign. You already tried failing. The next step will most likely be a success.

If you didn’t become a hands-on manager during the previous campaigns, you have to do better this time. It doesn’t mean that you will micromanage. You will get more involved to see how things are moving and if they’re in the right direction.

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