What to look out for when choosing an online casino for beginners


If you are new to the gambling game, you must be wondering what casinos deserve your time and attention. With new platforms being released every day it can be nerving to make a decision, as you want to make sure you are selecting the best for value in terms of casino free spin bonuses features and ultimately the best gaming experience possible right? Well, rest assured we are here to help you decide on the best casinos to start off with.

The first thing is first before you finalise on the casinos you want to invest in, there are aspects you need to ensure you follow up on beforehand.


Fraudulent platforms are prevalent if you do not make it a priority to check who you gamble with. The most common casinos such as Cassava and Nektan, have a Gibraltar licencing which ensures authenticity and security to all your money deposits and withdrawals. It would be a disaster to deposit your money and then find out it isn’t a legit service. Usually, the governing body that the casinos adhere with is displayed along the bottom of the page. So, make sure you check into the websites gambling history and accreditation before you wager!


Reading reviews online of the chosen casino platforms you are interested in, will allow you to decide which platform works best for you. They usually have a systematic matter in the way they present their information, meaning you can compare aspects like welcome bonuses, page layouts and featured games more efficiently against each other.

Page layout

A casino usually should have a clean and concise homepage, displaying all its popular games in addition to the promotional features they have at that moment in time. Popular games that are known internationally like Starburst, Cleopatra, Immortal Romance, Snow and Sable should be easily navigated on, as they usually attract the highest participation, so casinos would definitely want to utilise and advertise that on their pages.

Bonus features and Promotional Offers

Make sure you do your research, most casinos offer that by depositing a set amount you will receive free money to play with such as, ‘deposit 10 and get 40’. Always check for the VIP systems in place. If a casino doesn’t offer a loyalty system, then it isn’t worth your time all together and should be scrapped from your choice of casinos. The tier loyalty system gives you the player a system to work towards in your gambling journey. The more you move up, the more you are actually entitled to have and win. For example, a platform called YayBingo offers 15 levels to work up in-the further you progress the more money cashback and rewards you earn. It’s a really good system to keep their players loyal and receiving of their patronage.

Slot Machines

Before you even think of wagering a bet on a slot machine make sure to get familiar with the free spins that are offered to you as a new player. Most platforms in particular white label casinos offer free play on all their games, so you can understand the rules and see if that slot is one you can be committed too. Do avoid at first slot machines with a progressive jackpot as your possible source of winnings, the odds are so slim and highly unlikely. In addition to this, opting for a game with smaller paylines at first will make you the player easily able to adjust. The higher the paylines, the greater focus to every angle of the slots you have to be aware of-it can be highly intimidating and overwhelming.

Online sports betting  

Calling all sports fans, this is the kind of gambling that people really get into. Words for the wise though, swimming in the deep end straight away for the sake of possibly winning higher amounts is not a cool move. Multi-game bets pay a lot more, but the odds run a fine line. Stick to simple bets to begin with and only be comfortable to bet with what you can afford to lose. Understanding the values which the odds are placed, including what they actually mean is key. Make sure you keep notes and an overview of your past betting history, to reflect and learn on how you have developed in your strategies.


Online poker games and deciphering which to go for must be understood. The issue that you need to be aware of is the likelihood of being in a live tournament that includes all levels in one room. If this is your first time, make sure you read into the depth of the playing fields of the game. You will need to practice getting somewhere-step tournaments are the most recommended to practice on and can provide you with multiple attempts to play with. Everyone loves a bargain, right?


When deciding on a casino to play this classic game on, make sure you select a game that features a 3:2 pay ratio rather than 6:5. The reason for this is, the difference will add up overtime and it’s one and a half time more than your wager. The lowest house edge which may be good for a beginner is in the single and double decks, which is considered ideal. Do bring it upon yourself to have a blackjack chart strategy to aid you when playing, also since you are not playing against other players-you will not hold anyone up.

Gambling will take time to adjust to and feel comfortable with (we all have to start somewhere). If you ensure that before you wager any money on any tournaments/live games, that you take the time to research the variances of the game, in addition to trying the free play (which is always available on legitimate sites), you should be half way there to making your strides through betting. Do not bite more than you can chew and think always of the odds in a long-term prospective.


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