What We Lost: New Report Details Oregon Clean Energy Jobs Growth Derailed By COVID-19


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Before the coronavirus pandemic hit, clean energy was one of the most significant parts of Oregon’s economy — employing more workers than the rest of the energy sector combined, including the fossil fuels, with workers in every county. Now, as Oregon begins to implement actions in order to hit the state’s new 100 percent clean electricity goal, the sector’s workforce has lost more than ten percent of its 55,000+ employees, according to E2’s year-end analysis.

Just how much ground has been lost? E2 (Environmental Entrepreneurs) and the Oregon Business for Climate released the third annual Clean Jobs Oregon report at 12:01am PT today, Thursday, February 18.

The 2020 report will provide a summary of the state’s recent job losses and recoveries since March, along with detailed breakdowns on the state’s clean energy sector pre-coronavirus by metropolitan area, technology sector and legislative district as well as state-level clean energy policy recommendations to stimulate an economic recovery. Included in the report are also breakdowns by sub technologies, county, overall growth trends since 2017 and comparisons to the rest of Oregon’s energy economy. The 2019 report is available here.

The report will be available for download at e2.org/reports.



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