What’s Brewing? zö agency Drops a Platinum Bombshell


zö agency, a tenured full-service agency based in Bend, is delighted to announce its latest achievement — a prestigious Platinum award for groundbreaking design with Dr Hops. Renowned for creating extraordinary and unique designs, zö agency reaffirms its aptitude for creating standout brand experiences. It’s a reflection of zö agency’s ongoing dedication to elevating local businesses, earning recognition, and continuously pushing creative boundaries.

For over a decade, zö agency has been a catalyst for success in both local and national breweries. Whether partnering with distinguished craft beer icons like Deschutes Brewery or collaborating with emerging rising stars like Dr Hops, zö agency consistently demonstrates its prowess in elevating brands and earning awards. The recent Platinum award for their visionary work with Dr Hops further enriches their collection of accolades, including the esteemed Best of Category honor at the 2022 Summit International Awards, Platinum distinctions from Hermes Creative, and two Gold Vega Awards achieved through their collaboration with local gem Deschutes Brewery. These recognitions serve as a foundation as zö agency strives to set and surpass industry standards. This Platinum award earned for Dr Hops not only underscores zö agency’s knack for crafting one-of-a-kind designs but is also a testament to a decade-long commitment to delivering exceptional results for well-known companies in the alcoholic beverage spaces. From designing visually stunning websites to creating captivating brand identities such as the 6-pack beer box and can designs for Dr Hops, zö agency’s success story continues to unfold, setting Dr Hops apart in the competitive alc/bev market.

“We are thrilled to receive the Platinum award for our latest work with Dr Hops. It’s a testament to our team’s creativity and dedication to delivering unique and impactful designs,” shares Sonja Anderson, CEO of zö agency. “Our ability to collaborate and uplift these incredible pioneers in the alcoholic beverage world showcases our unwavering commitment to excellence in every project.”

About Dr Hops:

Dr Hops is a haven for those seeking hand-crafted and radically raw beverages made with organic, fair-trade ingredients. Their journey began with a simple question: “Can hard kombucha really be as good as a great craft beer?” and led to an extraordinary venture. Guided by principles of pleasure, progress, and uniqueness, Dr Hops believes in making the most of every moment, infusing their creations with a commitment to quality and an unyielding spirit of innovation.

About zö agency:
zö agency is a tenured full-service agency based in Bend, Oregon. With a commitment to delivering remarkable campaigns and a genuine love for partnering with visionary brands, zö agency continues to drive exceptional growth and success for its clients through a blend of creativity, strategic insights, and innovative solutions.

zö agency extends heartfelt gratitude to Dr Hops for the rewarding opportunity to collaborate and contribute to their flourishing success. This achievement is a testament to the agency’s unwavering dedication, limitless creativity, and strategic vision. Driven by a profound admiration for the innovative spirit of Dr Hops and their commitment to crafting extraordinary beverages, zö agency looks forward to continued collaboration and the creation of more remarkable success stories.



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