Who do You Need to Build a Blockchain Development Team?


A few years ago there was a flurry of activity around blockchain technology. Not a week goes by without news of new applications for the technology. Every year, the demand for blockchain development services grows, and having the word “blockchain” on a developer’s resume increases a candidate’s chances of being hired.

Let’s try to understand who employers are looking for in modern technologies in their products and solutions, as well as what these employees should have in their toolkits.

So, to successfully implement blockchain, your company will need:

A blockchain developer. The main requirement: This person must be proficient in C/C++ and Java. These are the programming languages in which most crypto-economic startups are developed. If the company plans to work with ERC20 tokens, then candidates with experience in Pyethereum (Python), GETH (Go), and web3.js (NodeJS) should be considered. Experience with Linux, Kotlin, and Open source would be an added advantage for the applicant.

Blockchain Engineer.  A smart contracts engineer for the Ethereum platform with knowledge of Solidity language is needed to successfully use existing cryptocurrency in a project. Knowledge of tools such as Multichain and IBM’s Hyperledger, and experience with decentralized applications (DApps) could be an advantage for the candidate.

Specialist in Crypto marketing. This candidate will need to be involved in prospecting and developing outreach to new audiences and partners (including active partnerships with Opinion leaders in Europe, the US, and Asia) and working with social media. This person needs to be sufficiently knowledgeable about the players already in the market and the audiences they are working with. It is excellent if the candidate has strong analytical skills and experience in building online communities. Keep in mind that cryptocurrency-related projects are mostly not country-specific but internationally oriented. Hence, another condition for applicants is a good knowledge of English, including professional terminology.

Bounty Campaign Manager. The main task of this person is to set up promotion and bounty campaigns to promote the cryptocurrency on the market and to give tokens to all partners for completed tasks. Bounty campaigns can be set up on Facebook, and Twitter, through e-mail subscriptions and thematic forums. They are also responsible for getting tokens for affiliate translations of project texts, searching for system vulnerabilities, design and developing add-ons for the project. Here, too, of course, English is required. But it is not necessary to be a blockchain expert; you can find an excellent manager who specializes in affiliate programs and quickly train them in the blockchain.

White paper editor.  To communicate your cryptocurrency concept to your audience, you need to describe it as clearly as possible, yet in sufficient detail, in a white paper – a user guide that contains all the necessary background information. An employee with financial journalism experience will do an excellent job with this task.

ICO manager. This team member accompanies and monitors the project all the way through. He needs to have an in-depth knowledge of the blockchain industry, all of its terms, nuances, and principles. The specialist must also have experience as a financial analyst, experience in introducing new products and projects to the market, and experience in marketing. These are the most expensive and most in-demand specialists in the field, and it will not be easy to find one.

Crypto-exchange analyst. The candidate for this position must be able to formulate forecasts for the decline and growth of cryptocurrencies and have experience as a successful stock market analyst. A traditional financial analyst can do the job, but a strong understanding of the cryptocurrency market and its intricacies is a must.

Blockchain lawyer. This employee accompanies the ICO. He needs to constantly update his knowledge about the status of cryptocurrencies and the laws that change regularly and follow the positions of regulatory authorities regarding cryptocurrencies in different countries around the world. This person can also be charged with the responsibility of storing the accumulated cryptocurrency in special accounts. Knowledge of the specifics and nuances of copyright and international law would be a serious advantage.


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