Why Are Steel Structures Better Than Wooden Structures?


For many years, wood has been the only choice of construction because it was readily available and easy to work with. Half a century ago, wood was commonly used as readily available and easier for homeowners to buy lumbar and erect a structure themselves.

On the other hand, steel has become a cheaper alternative in today’s world owing to an increase in the prices of lumber. Earlier, steel construction used to be labour-intensive and a tedious process. However, with the use of prefabricated steel sheets, it is easier to erect expansive structures for commercial or private purposes overnight. Even farmers are using steel structures to make barns or storage units on their farms, and the farming sector primarily uses lumber only.

Even if not for commercial purposes, you can use steel kits to add a steel building garage to your property.

Applications of prefabricated steel kits:

  • Storage units
  • Barns
  • Garage
  • Family room
  • Shed
  • Workshop
  • Industrial
  • Commercial

Here are some reasons why steel structures are better than wood ones.

1. Better structural integrity

Lumber or wood, in general, comes in a variety of qualities, and there are no fixed standards. On the other hand, steel components for construction are manufactured with rigid standards.

The strength and the quality of the steel building material also depend on its purpose and where it will be used. This is done to ensure that each piece of steel carries the load it is meant to.

Because of the proper weight distribution, these buildings can withstand the test of time.

2. More convenient

Constructing a wood building will take a long time as you would have to source all the different pieces required for construction.

Moreover, you would have to measure and cut all the lumber yourself, which increases the chances of error. Using wood for construction requires time, money, and patience in hindsight.

On the other hand, when you opt for prefabricated steel kits, you can ensure that each piece will come specifically to its size. When you select the size of the structure while purchasing equipment, all the components will be accurately cut to size and proper labelling.

This makes assembling a steel building much more convenient, and it will require less labour and time.

So, you will not have to spend long hours measuring and cutting the wood, and you can simply start putting the labelled pieces of steel together to erect the structure.

3. Easy to maintain

After a certain time, wood will start to chip, shrink, or decay. In contrast, steel will not require any repair work for many years to come.

The components used in making wood structures also require to be replaced as wood tends to hold moisture, and the components like fasteners in the pole often build up rust.

Moreover, you would have to spend a lot of money on pest control as wooden structures are more prone to rodent infestation.

Steel structures, on the other hand, are almost maintenance-free.

So, if you buy a steel building garage kit, you will not have to worry about the galvanized paint chipping off or snowfall tampering with the structure’s integrity. Moreover, you can order these kits in numerous sizes and varied colour options

4. Provides better interior space

Steel is a more durable and structurally sound material that provides greater design flexibility.

When constructing a wooden structure, you have to make room in the interiors for the multiple beams required to support the structure. At the same time, you can construct an entire structure without using beams in the interior. If the structure is quite broad, the support beams would be much more apart.

Having posts or beams inside the structure can eat into the total carpet area of the structure and limit the amount of space you have.

These are some reasons why steel structures are better than wooden structures.


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