Why Choose Floor Scrubbers Over Manual Cleaning?


Are you tired of spending significant time and money on manual cleaning with mops and brooms? Even though it may seem like a cost-saving solution, it can cost more in the long run.

The labour costs associated with manual cleaning can outweigh the initial savings from buying industrial cleaning equipment like floor scrubbers and sweepers. Not to mention, manual cleaning methods increase the chances of cross-contamination significantly and leave behind slick surfaces, increasing the risk of workplace accidents and injuries.

Fortunately, industrial floor cleaning machines can eliminate these issues while saving you time and money. With advanced features like whisper-quiet operation and long-lasting batteries, modern small floor scrubbers and industrial sweepers can quickly and efficiently remove dirt, dust, grease, and grime from large areas.

Plus, they can easily clean under tables and into corners, eliminating the need for labour-intensive manual cleaning.

Keep reading to find out more about commercial floor scrubbers over manual cleaning!

Why Opt For Floor Scrubbers Over Labour-Based Manual Cleaning?

●     Cuts Down Labour Cost

When maintaining cleanliness in commercial spaces, many business owners opt for traditional cleaning methods, such as mops and brooms. While these methods may be cheaper upfront, they can ultimately cost more in labour over time. Labour costs represent about 90 per cent of the total cost to maintain floors if an industrial cleaning machine is not used.

A cleaning staff can clean 4000 to 5000 square feet of floor area in an hour with a bucket and mop. A small floor scrubber can cover 13,000 square feet of floor area – that is three times the amount – simultaneously. Larger industrial floor scrubbers can even go up to 50,000 – 100,000 square feet of floor area per hour which would take 20 hours for a human employee to cover.

Plus, commercial cleaning machines allow workers to stand upright and remove more dirt and dust with the push of a button, making cleaning more manageable and less physically demanding.

Many customers start with walk-behind equipment, which generally costs less than ride-on models. However, a ride-on model may be the better choice for larger areas. While ride-on scrubber machines may have a higher upfront cost, they can improve productivity by 400 per cent compared to manual cleaning methods.

If you’re considering investing in an industrial cleaning machine but are unsure which type is best for your facility, consider reaching out to a supplier. Many suppliers are happy to make recommendations or conduct an on-site demonstration at your facility, allowing you to see the machines in action before making a purchase.

●     Efficiently Cleans Large Spaces

Automatic floor scrubbers offer a more efficient and effective method for cleaning large spaces, thanks to their wider scrub paths and advanced technology. This results in significant time and energy savings for the user.

In addition to their superior cleaning capabilities, automatic floor scrubbers offer hygienic and eco-friendly benefits. They use less water and chemicals, making them a more sustainable option compared to traditional cleaning methods.

This also means less money is spent on cleaning products, making them a cost-effective solution for cleaning floors. Overall, these machines offer a more efficient and economical approach to floor cleaning.

●     Easy To Use And Operate

Whether pushed from behind or ridden on top, big and small floor scrubbers are incredibly user-friendly, requiring minimal training for employees to operate them efficiently. While some models are corded and require an electrical outlet, most modern floor scrubbers use rechargeable batteries as a power source, eliminating the need to search for power and allowing greater flexibility for the user without the limitation of cord length.

●     Safe And Quick Drying Time

Floor scrubbers offer several benefits, including faster drying times. Traditional cleaning floors with a mop and bucket often results in longer drying times. In contrast, floor scrubbers use significantly less water, drastically reducing drying time. This improves efficiency and minimises the risk of accidents caused by wet floors, resulting in a safer and cleaner environment for customers and employees alike.

In Conclusion:

Suppose your business experiences heavy foot traffic and requires constant cleaning of floors. In that case, a floor scrubber could be the ideal solution. Opting for low-maintenance floor scrubbers can save time and energy while ensuring a safe and hygienic environment for your customers and employees.


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