Why Cloud Security Is A Stepping Stone In 2021


Cloud computing is the delivery of services through an application, including software and storage, over the Internet, which offers incredible scalability, flexibility and rapid development. This means that cloud computing has become virtually universal among organizations in a range of sizes and industries. With one central system that holds all of the business data and documents, security is essential to protect the infrastructure from any threats. This includes implementing technologies, controls, policies and services to ensure that security is managed at all times.

In order to progress cloud computing, cloud security is an essential stepping stone in 2021 and here are just a few reasons why.

  1. To Comply With Regulations

Data protection standards, such as HIPAA and GDPR, are rules that all organizations must take seriously, otherwise they may incur penalties. These standards were formed to protect customer data and if this data, which has been stored in the cloud, is compromise, it will be the organization who must answer for it. Cloud security can help with regulation compliance and keep sensitive data secured, which is particularly useful for finance, health, and legal industries.

  1. To Protect Against Security Breaches

As well as protecting customer and client data, your organization’s data is something that must also be protected from data breaches. With the cloud, you are effectively no longer in total control, particularly if you use cloud management services on a public or hybrid cloud, but with the data encryption that comes along with most cloud packages, you can be sure that your data is a lot safer than it would have been if stored on multiple pieces of hardware.

  1. To Manage Remote Work

The beauty of the cloud is that the employees or an organization can access the infrastructure from anywhere in the world, which opens the door to remote working and collaborating across teams. However, cloud security in this scenario is very important to ensure that employees are adhering to cybersecurity best practices. By reinforcing your cloud security with training, you can protect the infrastructure and extend the longevity of the system.

  1. To Detect Threats In Real Time

Cloud management services and security providers can intelligently cross-reference aggregated log data with internal data and external data to analyze the possibility of a threat in real time. They can also offer tools that allow you to visualize the threat landscape and promote agile response times, no matter what the threat may be. Artificial Intelligence-based threat detection algorithms are used to catch unknown threats, which can then be scrutinized to determine the risk level. If a business is particularly vulnerable to threats, such as finance, this can be extremely useful.

Whether you already have a cloud infrastructure in place or are looking to adopt cloud services into your organization, we hope that these points have helped to highlight the importance of cloud security for 2021. As more organizations make the shift to the cloud, security will become even more important because it will become the sole way that hackers can potentially infiltrate a company’s defences, so consider bolstering your cloud security for this year.


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