Why Debt Consolidation is Good for Millennials


Debt consolidation is a tool that you can use to pay off consumer debts, liabilities, and smaller loans by getting one larger loan. If you use this, many debts can be consolidated into a larger, single debt that lets you make one monthly payment as opposed to multiple payments. This may free you up to take your car to the shop, save money for a vacation, or finally hire that contractor you’ve been reading about in a Home Advisor review

Debt consolidation loans with Hawkeye Associates can be rather handy if you happen to be dealing with credit card, student loan, or other debts. That is due to the fact that they offer lower monthly payments combined with an interest rate that’s also typically lower.

Generally, there are two main types of loans when it comes to debt consolidation – unsecured and secured. If you apply for any sort of secured type of loan, you’ll need to secure it with collateral to ensure repayment will be made.

Millennials and Debt Consolidation

Typically, a significant part of a millennial’s income is spent on debt – be it car loans, mortgages, credit card bills, or even student loans. That can lead to serious emotional effects from things like stress. It may also prevent you from being able to pay for things you want to, like a new swimsuit for the summer, a new coat for the winter, or a bathroom remodel from a contractor you found on HomeAdvisor. Because of these reasons, it’s critical that you don’t allow the bills to just pile up. If possible, you should consolidate them.

Debt consolidation is one of the best methods of escaping from that trap that is debt. Here are just a couple of advantages of utilizing this tool.


If you were in the military, you probably heard this acronym – Keep It Simple Stupid. When you consolidate your debt, there’s no longer a need for you to worry about making multiple payments throughout each and every month. Debt consolidation works to simplify finances. Multiple payments turn into a single payment and it may even work out to be a bit lower than what you were paying before, yet the same amount goes to each creditor. That makes finances and budgeting much simpler.

Payments and Interest Rates

People who have a decent credit score when they apply for a consolidation loan will typically end up paying a lower interest rate to repay the consolidation loan than what they have with their creditors. Beyond that, the amount they pay each month tends to be less for the consolidation loan than it is for the debts that the loan is paying for.

Repayment Schedule

In the case of what’s known as a fixed repayment schedule, both the rate of interest and the amount paid each month will remain stable until the entirety of the loan has been repaid. There won’t be any need to worry about it varying.

Credit Score

Since consolidating your debts doesn’t lead to the breakdown of agreements with creditors, the typical credit response isn’t one that’s negative. Alternatively, it can actually work to improve your credit score. Your statements and payment history are two of the most important factors that contribute to your overall credit score. That means that making a single monthly payment on a stable basis before it’s due can drastically improve your score. 

Before you apply for a loan to consolidate your debts, take a good look at your finances and how much you pay out each month. Come up with a strategy to repay any loan you get based on the expected length of the loan. You should also try to ensure your credit is decent first because ideal scores have a better chance to qualify for loans that feature lower interest rates. This can allow you to pay it back faster and for less money.

Don’t give in to the idea that you’ll never be able to spend money on yourself again. Take care of your debts, and you’ll be able to start paying more attention to things like haircuts, auto repairs, and finding people on HomeAdvisor to help you make your living space more comfortable.


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