Why Does the DMV Need a New Location?


Is the citing of a new location for the Bend Department of Motor Vehicles office much to do about nothing?  Read comments by Pamela Hulse Andrews

Several months ago the DMV had the local neighborhood up in arms when it proposed to move into the Brookswood Meadow Plaza shopping center in south Bend. Neighbors were correct to be worried about traffic congestion and the inappropriate placing of a government agency in a neighborhood shopping center.

Since being ousted from the Brookswood location, the DMV has been searching for a new spot: from staying at the current location to its former place on SW Emkay Drive. If this site is suitable then why did they move from there in the first place? Two other sites are under consideration, one at 63160 Britta Street and another at 740 NE Third Street.

Currently operating out of the former Bend Visitor Center on North Highway 97, someone at the DMV has decided that the space is not adequate for its services. Why? Have you been to the location recently? It’s very convenient, there’s lots of parking and everyone at CBN who has been to the DMV in the past few months said it seemed perfectly suitable for processing automobile and driver licenses. A recent report by the Bulletin noted that the DMV might need to spend $1.5 million to renovate the current center. That’s a good chunk of fund, what would they spend it on?

Fortunately the DMV is offering to have a public hearing on the matter before a final decision is made. Spending state money, and certainly there is a shortage of that, on unnecessary renovations or expansions should be a part of that public testimony.


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