Why You Should Outsource The Design Of Your Product Packaging


The importance of the package design you use for your product is underpinned by research, which shows that a successful design will have the desired impact on a consumer in under 15 seconds. It needs to be aesthetically pleasing, elicit a response in the viewer, and be of high quality. This stage of production comes when your product has been perfected and you are ready to launch it.

Outsourcing has become normal for businesses. It is usually more cost-effective, gives you access to experts, and allows the company to focus on its core operations. Is this true of outsourcing the design for the packaging of your brand? We first compare the relative advantages of keeping design in-house versus outsourcing it. Then we look at how to go about choosing the perfect design agency to work with.

The Advantages Of Keeping the Packaging Design Function In-House

In-house management of packaging and design allows you to retain authority over the function. When the team needs pushing, you are there to ensure deadlines are met. You have control over the final result.

You can tweak the project if you have a new idea of how to do it better. This will not be possible once you have outsourced and given through full details of the project. If it is allowed, it will cost you more.

Communication is direct and available to be used at any time. Your team members can get immediate clarity from you on instructions. You can pass on information as it occurs to you.

The cost of designing will be lower. However, you will have to pay the employees’ wages and benefits. Nevertheless, you can utilize their skills at any time, and it will not lead to unplanned expenses.

Employees have a fuller knowledge of the brand and its underlying meanings and value system. They know how this relates to the product. This may make it easier to design packaging.

The Advantages Of Outsourcing The Packaging Design Function

Design agencies are made up of experienced professionals with specific skills. They know what to do, what order to do it, and how to achieve the desired outcome, all within budget and deadlines. These experts stay informed on industry and design trends and know what will appeal to your customer base. They have the knowledge to make your product stand out from competing brands.

You will always have the final say on the design. It will only be implemented with your approval. You will get to look at the proposed idea in 3D to get an accurate picture of what it will look like.

Design consultants are more objective and have the know-how to present a product in the best light. They understand how consumers will respond. Before starting on your assignment, they will undertake a comprehensive analysis of the industry, the competition, and their client’s business.

Several design consultants will work on your design. This ensures that all factors are taken into account and that ideas receive constructive criticism. They will also interrogate your instructions.

Designers either charge monthly fees or per assignment. This is generally cheaper than hiring staff for your company. You are also assured of quality from their long experience in design.

Choosing A Design Agency

While you have the option to go with a freelancer designer, who may be very talented, it pays to rather outsource to an agency. You will have the advantage of a team of professionals working for you who each have diverse talents. Freelancers struggle to compete against them in the market, being hampered by budgetary and time issues. They are also limited in their range of capabilities and experience in comparison to a team.

Read the agency’s reviews. Sometimes you can spot false reviews that put the company in a good light. You will want to see certified reviews only to make your decision.

Ask the design agency to unpack the process that they follow into stages. This will give you a clear indication of what you are paying for. It will also enable you to determine if the agency uses a strategic process that takes all factors of an excellent final product into account.

Know what you are paying for. Just because a company charges a lower price does not mean that they will provide an inferior design any more than an agency that is highly priced is the best in their field. Compare the services you will get from each. A more expensive contract may be justified by a unique offering.

Companies such as Plaspack.com (Plastic Packaging Technologies) make use of proven technologies to deliver user-friendly packaging as well as custom designs for your specific needs.

Outsourcing your design function is well worth it if you select the right agency.


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