Why You Should Send Thank-You Notes to Your Client


Many people play different roles in the success of a business, mainly the customers. As such, it is vital to thank your clients because they directly contribute to your profits and growth when they purchase your products or services, offer feedback or reviews, and recommend new clients. Here are some top reasons why you should regularly send thank-you notes to clients.

Build Mutually Beneficial Relationships

Everybody prefers a relationship that benefits all parties involved. When clients always give but never receive anything in return from you as a business, they may start feeling a lack of appreciation. Each time you interact with clients is perfect for expressing your gratitude. You can build a strong relationship by thanking your clients during different occasions, including:

  • When they buy from you for the first time.
  • On their birthdays and anniversaries.
  • At the end of the year.
  • On official holidays.
  • When they write a review or refer someone to your business.
  • When they rate your services.
  • When they attend your event, such as a virtual meeting.

In most cases, you could inspire your client’s subsequent purchases by offering them discounts when they buy several items. You can also make your clients feel special by including a thank-you note with their orders. For example, you can send warm messages on social media or insert thank you notes inside their packages.

Demonstrate Your Clients’ Value

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A study by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) reveals that about 70% of clients who feel indifferent about your brand are willing to do business with you again if you show a little gratitude. Therefore, saying thank you frequently to loyal customers can boost retention rates.

A handwritten letter is an excellent way to make your customers feel connected to the business. The digital world revolves around social media shares, clicks, beeps, and keystrokes, so very few things can compare to the joy of receiving a handwritten note. Customers feel valued knowing that you took the time to write a customized message.

Motivate Customers To Make More Purchases

When you make customers happy, they are likely to return for more purchases, meaning more profits for your business. Excellent customer experience and personalization are essential for all businesses. According to Super Office, more than 86% of buyers are willing to pay a premium for an exceptional customer experience.

Focus on helping clients solve their problems rather than on selling your products. Aim to make them as comfortable and happy as possible. Showing appreciation through social media messages, emails, letters, and texts can give you an edge over your competitors.

For every purchase customers make, take the opportunity to say thank you for your business today. Inform your clients that you are ready in case they need further assistance with the product or service.

In the end, you need to show clients that your business cares about corporate social responsibility. A thank-you note serves to remind them that they are not just mere statistics in your books, but that they are human beings with feelings and in need of appreciation. Instill the culture of thanking your clients at any opportunity you get.


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