What Will the Future Office Look Like?


Robots. Robots everywhere.

Perhaps not, but technology’s exponential rise means even in the next 10 years we’re likely to see major changes in office life as we know it.

While we can only speculate as to what we can expect, here’s some very exciting and slightly terrifying developments to look out for.

The Tech

Where to begin? The list of technologies intended to optimise the workforce is considerable. Here we look at 5 of the most interesting…

The Internet of Things (IoT): A voice enabled lamp, an office that sets itself up for a meeting, perhaps a toilet that could save your life? The IoT is the continued integration of smart tech into everyday devices and represents a growing force in the work space.

AI: Long considered a threat the working man, you may well see AI become your new colleague as the technology continues to progress rapidly and takes over the more repetitive working tasks.

VR & AR: Currently reserved for gaming, progression in VR/AR tech will offer huge advancements in all sorts of areas. Immersive improvements to architecture and medicine are just two examples of major fields it will impact.

3D Printing: Still relatively new, 3D printing offers businesses the opportunity to produce prototypes quickly and efficiently, and has the potential to revolutionise the way we manufacture things.

The Cloud: Already an essential to modern business, cloud computing will only continue to get stronger with heavyweights like Microsoft, Google and Amazon fully developing it. The Cloud offers unparalleled potential for true, open collaboration from anywhere in the world.

The Space Itself

The push towards sustainability and energy efficiency will continue and become a key feature of future office spaces. A business’s green credentials may become a deciding factor for a future workforce with an ever-heightening focus on climate change.

3D printing, as it continues its rapid development, looks like it will become the driving force behind office design and construction.

How it might look from the inside is an interesting one. As with any area of design, office interior trends move in a cyclical pattern. This means we might be looking at homely, wood finished spaces designed to encourage more time spent in the office.

Will it be a completely wireless existence? Probably not, but more advanced methods of storage, like the ones from RS Components today, will come into play. Plus, it’s hard to say a well tied group of wires doesn’t look good.


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