Why WordPress Hosting is Good for Your Business?


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Web hosting is a key element for every successful website. Perhaps, you may be wondering which web hosting service is best for your business website — WordPress is an excellent option. Millions of websites today rely on WordPress to post their new content every day. WordPress hosts about 30% of all websites. WordPress was released back in 2003, and since then, it has become the world’s most popular content management system that suits most users.

WordPress has various types of web hosting options. Some include dedicated, free, shared, managed WordPress hosting, and VPS. So, if you are thinking to create a website for your business, you can consider using WordPress. Here are various reasons why using WordPress hosting is good for your business.

It’s free

It doesn’t matter whether the website is for commercial purposes or just a personal blog; WordPress does not charge anything. This means you will have everything you want in your website without incurring any extra cost. Additionally, if your site attracts more traffic against your anticipation, they don’t charge you either. WordPress is also an open source; you can alter its source codes to suit your preferred look and functionality.

Ready to use

You don’t need any special skills to use WordPress. As soon as you install it, you are good to go. Aside from customization, there is no configuration needed. You only need to set your theme and add the plugins of your interest. Most tools that you may be looking at comes with the installation. A good example is social media feed and comments integration.


You can customize WordPress theme the way you want it to look. WordPress provides various themes for free. But you can buy from premium themes which created by a third party. Also, you can choose to extend or add specific features that will allow your website to function the way you want.


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SEO friendly.

WordPress is search engine friendly. If you want to post an SEO post, then this is a great option to use. Most popular search engines such as Bing and Google tend to rank sites that are hosted by WordPress higher than others.

Easy to use

WordPress is very easy to use. Although it may seem daunting at first, with time, it becomes simple. You can access all the basic things you need from the CMS. Additionally, the site is intuitive. It is newbie friendly, and everybody can use it.


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Friendly to mobile phones

Most WordPress themes are automatically responsive. You don’t need to overhaul the entire website to access it on a smartphone or a tablet. Additionally, it has an option to view the website in mobile view in case of irresponsive themes. Today, search engines such as Google penalizes sites that are not mobile friendly, ranking them low. So, by using WordPress, you are safe.

Security is serious

WordPress has strict security measures to preserve the user’s trust. As WordPress continues to gain popularity, so as the interests of hackers and data thieves increases. That’s why WordPress keeps on updating its CMS and the integrated plugins to enhance security. You have the option to allow the plugins update automatically or you can just update them manually. Nevertheless, you should also take caution and avoid downloading the plug-in from untrusted sources.

Easy to manage

As stated earlier, WordPress has an automatic updater. So you don’t need to update it frequently. Additionally, the CMS notifies the users when there are new plug-in updates. Thus, you will have a site that is ever updated, safe and easy to manage.

Saves your wallet

With WordPress, there are no expenses. Besides having a free CMS, it is easy to operate. Hence, you don’t need a web technician to work on it. You can fix everything you want by yourself, saving you money.

It has a tremendous support community

Most people use WordPress today. So, with such a big number, if you have any question regarding the platform, chances are that you will get your answers waiting for you from the support and other users. Additionally, if you ever need to hire site maintenance services, there are many web developer, editors, writers and designers at your disposal who have complete knowledge on how the platform works.

WordPress has supremacy in the CMS market

Besides being the most popular content management system, WordPress is also the most competitive web hosting service. WordPress hosts about 60% of all websites. It is then followed by Joomla, which only dominates about 6% of the market share. Then it is followed but Drupal, dominating only 5% while Magento’s closes with about 3% of market share.

WordPress is adaptable

WordPress is flexible enough to suit all your needs through its plugins and extensions. It doesn’t matter whether you are using CMS for your personal blog, small business website or e-commerce website. You can adjust it the way you want to fit your need and preference.

WordPress can keep your site fresh every day

You can keep your site fresh and unique using free themes or the premium from the third party providers. Hence, you will keep on refreshing your site every day to catch the eyes and minds of your readers. Similarly, many font options help you to produce organized and pretty content.

Multi-users enabled

If you are not the only person running your site, you can be able to assign access roles to different individuals. In the platform, a plugin called WordPress codex provides the following roles.

  • Super admin. Has complete access to all website features
  • Administrator. Accesses administrator features
  • Editor. Can publish their content and approve or reject other people’s post
  • Author. Can publish and manage their posts
  • Subscriber. Able to view or edit their profiles.

To sum up, WordPress is ideal for commercial purposes as well as for your personal blog. It is a unique platform with a lot of features. The most interesting thing with WordPress is that it’s free and easy to use. You access all the features you need to run your website just for free. Again, it keeps on improving and updating now and then. Hence, it becomes more secure and safe. So, if you haven’t tried WordPress, it’s time you check out, it’s excellent.


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