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Here’s why essays are important: they usually represent a big step into your admission to college and even scholarships. And essay writing is a big deal.

Writing an essay never seems to be an easy job, not even for the best among us. Whether you need to do it for a scholarship, for your admission to college or just for a competition, many of you may not find the power to do it. But don’t lose your hope. Get your courage and start that essay.

There are a few steps to follow when you want to write the best essay.

Choose your theme

Sometimes the topic is given to you, but sometimes, you have the freedom to pick your own topic. So free your imagination and think about the essay you want to write. What kind of essay should it be?  If the subject was already assigned, think about this: is it a general view of a topic or you need to focus on one particular aspect of it?

If you have to choose your own topic, some find it easier: you may write about something you actually like, maybe something from your domain. Think about this: what’s his purpose? Inform or persuade?

After thinking about this, you need to dig up a little. What interests you? Make a list.

Now think about the type of the subject. Should you educate, pick one topic that you know about, even studied about. Should you persuade, make it a hobby out of it.

Make a diagram

After you’ve picked your topic, you need to put some order in your thoughts. Put your thoughts on a paper. You’ll be surprised to find connections between your ideas and this will help you a lot. This is the beginning of your paper.

So write the main idea in the middle of the paper. Draw as many branches as you need to match the number of your ideas. Draw lines from them to include some of the ideas.

Write the statement of your thesis

You need to think this through because this is the point of your essay. Look into the main ideas of your essay. Your thesis will probably have 2 parts. The first one consists in the actual topic and the second one consists in the point of the essay.

Work on the body

This is the part where you give arguments and explain your topic. Each main idea should become a separate section in the body of your essay. They will have the same structure. Write them in a ‘sentence format’ and leave some space to come back to them and fill them with details.

Work on the introduction

Every essay needs an introduction. It should be in such manner that you’ll get the attention of the reader since the first sentence. It also needs to make him pay attention throughout the essay. Begin with a shocking information, perhaps a dialogue or a quote. Then make sure you tie it with the body of your essay.

Work on the conclusion

This is the part where you basically need to summarize your essay. You should write ideas about the overall topic and give a final perspective on it. It should have about 5 sentences.


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