Your Quick and Easy Guide to Selecting an AV Equipment Provider for Your Event


There are many factors that can make up your selection process if you are trying to look for a specialist in AV equipment for an event. The event itself will dictate what kind of AV equipment you need. For instance, if you are having a conference with speakers, it would be best to have special microphones such as lapel microphones if your speakers need their hands free. If you are having a concert, your needs and requirements will be different as well. But a good AV equipment provider should be able to give you whatever you need and know what should be prioritised. But how else can you choose the best AV provider for your event? Here’s your quick and easy guide to selecting an AV equipment provider.

Look at their stability, experience, and reputation

Some important factors you need to consider are your potential AV equipment provider’s stability, experience, and reputation. It follows that you should find out how long they have been in the industry – how many years have they been in service? If they have been operational for quite a while, this means a wealth of experience. But don’t discount the newer providers, either, especially if they have a good reputation. If they have a big customer base, this could also be a good sign, but you should also look at their staff or team, their responsibilities, and the kinds of events they have been involved in. If they have been involved in events similar to yours, this is a good gauge of their experience as well because it means they will have a better idea of what you need and can recommend equipment accordingly.

Consider their services

When you have your prospective provider in mind, consider their services. What you can do, for example, is give them a list of your requirements (pending their recommendations as well) and see if the provider has the inventory for what you require. If they don’t have everything you need, who will they be subcontracting? You should check out their subcontractor as well. And regardless of who will be the equipment source, your AV hire specialist should be responsible for managing the equipment and should be on-hand to answer questions or address any issues before, during, and after the event.

You may also want to think about their level of support and the service they provide. When it comes to answering emails and calls, how prompt are they? This is a good sign of how they deal with issues. Also, can they provide you with other services, such as project management? Check out their site, too – it should have more information about what they can do, and see if they have case studies or blogs that give more detail about their experience and capabilities.

Can you work well with them?

Aside from considering their experience and services, you should also consider another vital factor: can you work well with them? Do they have team spirit and can they communicate and work well with your planner, speakers, sponsors, venue, and so on? Since events are not just comprised of a single individual, they need to display team spirit and a ‘can do’ outlook that is positive and can serve as encouragement for the other team members.

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