Zealios Donates $1,000 to Non-Profit Charity Fxck Cancer!


Ginger Awareness Month is dedicated to bring awareness to sun safety and celebrating our ginger friends one sunscreen application at a time.

Zealios, a leader in performance skin an hair products for athletes, delighted Gingers (our redhead and fair complexion friends) across the US with another successful Ginger Awareness Month!

Fifteen percent of all sunscreen proceeds during the month of June were donated to the Fxck Cancer non-profit organization totaling $1,000 (double last year’s contribution).

Ginger Awareness Month brings awareness to sun safety through humor and sun education. This year also introduced ‘Squeezy’ the new Zealios mascot in a video feature with The Ginger in a worry-free and action packed day. Squeezy, a human-sized sunscreen tube ensures your protected from the sun all day. A behind-the-scenes of the making of Squeezy was also released.

About Fxck Cancer
Fxck Cancer is here to raise awareness, provide resources for cancer prevention, and enrich lives.

With your help, Fxck Cancer will become known for its dedication to fighting cancer and putting an end to late-stage diagnoses. We do this regardless of your race, socioeconomic status, religious beliefs or any other demographic category. Cancer certainly doesn’t discriminate, and we don’t either – that’s why we give everyone equal opportunity to realize that you are not alone and here for a reason.

About Zealios
Zealios was founded in 2009 when two athletes couldn’t find high-quality body care products to protect their skin from the wear and tear of outdoor training and competing. Skin protection products just didn’t last long or do a good job.

Tired of worrying about their skincare products, the mission began to develop long-lasting and performance-based products formulated specifically with endurance and athletes in mind.

Today, athletes across the world put Zealios to the test on the hottest days, sweatiest adventures and in the toughest elements. The Zealios product line continues to grow with the same purpose – to give athletes peace of mind on training day, race day, and in recovery and prevention.

Worry about your performance, not your body care products.

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