Sustainable Office Solutions: Tips to Create a More Eco-Friendly Business


Did you know that going green can help your business cut expenses, attract more customers, and reduce your carbon footprint?

With so many things to gain, there’s no reason why you should wait to revolutionize the way you do business.

Do you want to learn the best green tips for the office? Keep reading for 7 sustainable office solutions.

  1. Revamp Your Kitchen Gear

One of the easiest environmental office solutions is swapping out disposable cups and utensils for washable ones. Although everyone will be responsible for washing what they use, you’ll all be surprised by how much less waste your office produces.

  1. Decorate the Office with Indoor Plants

Sustainability in the workplace can be rewarding in more than one way. Not only are indoor plants a beautiful presence, but they can improve the air quality and boost productivity. When your workers have a healthy, cheerful environment, they’ll be able to concentrate on their work more.

  1. Invest in Green Office Technology

There are tons of different types of technology that can make your office more efficient with resources. Smart thermostats and motion-sensor lights are just a couple ways you can reduce your office’s carbon footprint. Installing these windows can also help you limit your use of electricity by allowing natural light inside.

  1. Limit the Amount of Paper Your Office Uses

If you don’t already have a printer that can print double-sided pages, it’s wise to invest in one. However, the best way to reduce your environmental impact is to try and go paperless as often as possible. Before you print something, take some time to consider if the document can be accessible online.

  1. Cut the Power When the Work Day Is Done

When you don’t unplug your electronics at the end of the day, they use power to stay in hibernation mode. Instead of going around the office unplugging each individual device, it’s faster to switch one main power line off. It may not seem like a big deal, but you’ll be surprised by how much lower your electric bill is.

  1. Consider Offering Different Commute Methods

Driving a car creates much more pollution than using public transportation or carpooling. Offering nice incentives to your employees like free coffee gift cards can encourage them to explore their commute options. Another great idea is to experiment with telecommuting at least once a week.

  1. Build a Green Team

One of the most engaging ways to be sustainable is to create a team that’s in charge of making the office greener. Since each workplace has different areas they can improve on, your employees will be able to figure out the best areas to attack to make the biggest impact.

Want More Sustainable Office Solutions?

With these 7 sustainable office solutions, you can feel good about saving the earth and cutting down on your business expenses. Although some green products can be an investment, their efficiency will help you save money in the long run.

Do you want to learn more ways you can improve your business? If so, be sure to explore our business blog for the best tips.


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