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Imagine the convenience of having a fitness center right in your own neighborhood.

Matt and Kim Barrett, owners of Snap Fitness in both the NorthWest Crossing and in the Brookswood Meadow Plaza, know how valuable of an asset that is.

“The thing that sets us apart is that people can work out whenever they want at any one of three Snap Fitnesses in Bend,” says Matt Barrett, who owns two of the franchises with his wife, Kim. “There are about 1000 Snap Fitness centers all around the United States, all locally owned. Our clients have access 24 hours a day to the center (either locally or all across the country) with an access card and we cater to any level of fitness.”

According to Barrett, in his two Snap Fitness locations in Bend, patrons can start out in a stretch room that also doubles as a space for fitness classes, like yoga, Pilates and kick boxing. “In the NorthWest Crossing location, we partner with Will Race Performance, who also share building space,” says Barrett. “We are able to offer all of their at a discount and people can choose from a full spectrum, from sports conditioning to functionally fit to spin. Will Race Performance trainers, along with Stacey Sonne, also offer personal training for Snap Fitness patrons as well.”

Aside from being a non-impact surface to exercise on, the flooring in the stretch room and throughout the gym is manufactured from recycled tires, making it ultra durable and virtually indestructible. While there, clients can make use of free weights and a myriad of fitness balls in all shapes and sizes, complete with a killer view of the high desert landscape.

“Aside from the stretch room, the gym has three other sections,” shares Barrett. “You have your free weight area, which has a full set of dumbbells, a bench press and a variety of benches and then there are the strength machines, all manufactured by Cybex. We help you set up a circuit training program where you can get in and really perform an efficient workout on the machines.”

Barrett goes on to explain that the cardio area of Snap Fitness contains a mix of treadmills, including a state-of-the-art Arc Trainer, the next generation of elliptical trainer. He says, “The elliptical grew in popularity in part because people were experiencing pain in their joints from running. Cybex designed the Arc Trainer with that concept specifically in mind – you can do everything from cross-country gliding to full stair step, adding in resistance as you go. It’s a very versatile machine.”

New clients receive a free consultation with a trainer, who completes an assessment of where they currently are in their fitness levels and helps formulate fitness goals that can be met in the most efficient amount of time. Personal training is also an option.

“What I like about the Snap Fitness model is it’s neighborhood focused, non-intimidating and it enables clients to efficiently get in, do their workout and get out,” says Barrett. “For us, it’s all
about community.”

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