10 Things Extraordinary Bosses Give Employees


I recently read an Inc. magazine article on 10 Things Extraordinary Bosses Give Employees where columnist Jeff Haden shared the following characteristics that distinguish good bosses from extraordinary bosses.

1. Autonomy and independence
2. Clear expectation
3. Meaningful objectives
4. A true sense of purpose
5. Opportunities to provide significant input
6. A real sense of connection
7. Reliable consistency
8. Private criticism
9. Public praise
10. A chance for a meaningful future

As a leader, I’m sure you may identify with several of these. However, there are two characteristics on Jeff’s extraordinary bosses list that especially resonate with me – a true sense of purpose and a chance for a meaningful future.

Finding Purpose at Express
I remember when I was looking for my very first job – which evolved into the position I’m in today – that one employer out of half a dozen interviewers provided me with a clear vision for my career and later my life. My interviewer made me believe I would have a future in the staffing business. He gave me a true sense of purpose and vision for growth. I would be impacting and changing people’s lives by providing them with jobs.

That purpose continues today with Express as we pursue our long-term goal to put a million people to work annually. Shawn Cotton, who works for our office, is a great example of one who has found purpose at Express. He was so excited to find people work, but when he found out they couldn’t get to their new jobs because they didn’t have transportation Shawn was compelled to make a difference. He continually coordinates rides between the associates that are reporting to the same assignment to ensure that everyone has an equal chance to work.

Meaningful Work is a Meaningful Future
Not only did I have a sense of purpose at my first job, I also had the chance to do meaningful work and thus have a meaningful future. Every individual needs to know they’re making a difference. Company vision and how it relates to the work they do is directly tied to employee engagement, health, and happiness. And, with new generations entering the workforce, now, more than ever, employees want meaningful work. Meaningful work can impact and be tied to an individual’s core values, beliefs, sense of purpose, and even one’s calling.

According to a Society for Human Resource Management survey, employees are 41% more likely to become interested and absorbed in their work if they have jobs that help fulfill their life purpose. And, if employees had jobs that helped them achieve a life goal, they are 34% more likely to work beyond what is expected, while 52% are more likely to feel committed to their employer if their personal values are realized in the job they do.

When I started my career, I truly believed I could contribute to the company’s success. It motivated me and kept me engaged in my work. People are looking for leaders who believe in their teams and want to work for dynamic companies with dynamic futures. We provide that at Express. And, as franchisees, I encourage you to keep these 10 extraordinary steps top of mind when growing your business and retaining your top talent. And to help make sure every member of your team realizes that their work is meaningful, it is important for you, as their leader, to regularly communicate their contribution to the team, your business and the Express brand.


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