3 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service for Your Office


Hiring a professional cleaning service to clean your office top to bottom is not only about keeping the place spotless. While cleaning can be cathartic in its own way, it also takes your focus away from important aspects of the business that you never get to. Managing a cleaning crew is extra work and an unnecessary headache that falls outside of the purpose of your business; a distraction you can well do without.

Here are three benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service instead of managing one internally.

They Clean, So You Don’t Have To

While a professional external cleaning crew can clean the offices, the washrooms and read about janitorial news on their downtime, your team stay focused on the task at hand. Whether in the heat of battle with a tough competitor or about to launch a new product, the team can keep their eye on the ball because no one is distracted.

The value in using a cleaning services company is not just the cleaning service itself, but in the avoidance of a distracted focus for employees who have to make time to do it themselves or to hire and manage the people who will. Quite often, the cost of using an outside cleaning firm is more than covered by the greater focus by employees on a central goal.

Professional Conduct

Pre-screened professional cleaning staff supplied by a respected firm that checks out their employees before picking them for the cleaning schedule at your office provides reassurance. There’s no need to screen 100 potential cleaners to whittle them down to a few with the right experience and an unblemished employment record. Checking their previous references is something the cleaning company does – not your people – which avoids them taking up valuable time to put them through the vetting process.

Since the external cleaning team have gone through the vetting process, they’re more likely to act professionally. For one thing, they won’t wish to go through that a second time. For another, you’re the client (not their employer) and so the relationship is different, and they know that. If they make you look bad, it could lead to a complaint and their job could be on the line.

Cleans and Removes Germs & Bacteria

Regularly cleaning the premises ensures that there’s no buildup of bacteria or an overabundance of germs that could make several employees sick at the same time. A healthy work environment is something all workers expect and deserve. With a professional cleaning team, it also demonstrates to employees that the company cares about their health and welfare.

A professional cleaning operator is also going to have a better idea of which cleaning solutions perform best on different surfaces and fabrics. Which are non-toxic and have the least lingering chemical odor, are all things that a dependable cleaning company will have factored into their supply ordering.

Keeping staff focused on the task at hand and not being distracted with too many non-related tasks keeps their eye on the prize. By not having to screen, employ and manage a team of cleaners, including their vacation time, it makes life much easier for the office manager and the team.


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    I’ve been feeling very stressed and overwhelmed, so the last thing I want to do is clean. It was great when you mentioned that hiring a cleaning service will be able to help me focus, as there won’t just be clutter around my home and work space. What tips do you have for choosing a great cleaning service in my area to help me out?

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    I love how you pointed out that hiring a professional can help keep workers healthy, as bacteria isn’t allowed to build up. One of my friends wants to start a business when he graduates; if he does, I think he could really benefit from hiring a cleaning service. Thanks so much for all the great information on the benefits of hiring one.

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    It’s good to know what cleaning companies can do. I like how you said that they do everything for you, so no one is distracted. The office I work at is under some renovations, so I hope they hire someone to clean up the mess once it’s all done.

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