The 4 Reasons Your Business Can’t Wait for VoIP


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Businesses that encourage employees to communicate anytime, anywhere and from any device are winning in today’s economy. Although most business owners are too busy running a company to notice, it’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) that enables these anytime-anywhere capabilities.

Phone costs are ten percent of the typical IT budget for most businesses. Without VoIP, a sizeable chunk of that expense may be waste. As VoIP technologies get better and become more affordable, businesses of any size can start take advantage of them. VoIP phone sytems are a reliable, cloud-based communication option that can:

– Improve collaboration
– Deliver faster business decisions
– Bring companies closer to their customers
– Lower network management costs
– Increase productivity

Every business wants to save money, especially on monthly costs like phone expenses. While cost savings drove the growth of VoIP for years, smart business owners know they can’t just save their way to growth. They want more than just a cheaper bill. They want to not only reduce their communication costs, they also want to increase operational efficiency, make their employees more productive and collaborative and gain that all-important competitive advantage.

Business owners want phones that are easy to operate, easy to administer and easy to scale. VoIP delivers what businesses want by making it simple to add employees and locations. The cloud architecture of VoIP prevents single points of failure in phone systems, making businesses more resilient to disaster.

The business benefits of VoIP come in four delicious flavors:

– Lower Costs
– Better Operations
– Great Collaboration
– Happier Customers

Reduce Communications Costs: Save Money, Gain Peace of Mind

Deploying a VoIP phone system brings immediate savings. Your business only needs to maintain one network connection instead of two, which usually means lower hardware costs. VoIP also requires about half the data cabling of traditional phone systems.

VoIP can cut long-distance charges and reduce toll-free number costs. Combining VoIP with cellular technology allows businesses to leverage their own internal Wi-Fi networks, which reduces cell charges.

Increase Operational Efficiency: Improve Your Customers’ Experience

Great employees equal great customer experiences. Giving your employees the ability to work from anywhere opens the door to the best and brightest new workers.

The ability to work remotely is a priority for today’s top talent, and thirty percent of job seekers would not even consider working for a company that doesn’t offer a remote work policy.
Remote work isn’t just for permanent teleworkers, though. Employees can take advantage of their VoIP services on their occasional work-from-home days as well as from hotel rooms, client meetings and branch offices to remain productive.

Enhance Productivity and Collaboration: Never Miss a Call Again

The ability to stay connected to your business’s communication network anywhere and anytime elevates employee productivity. Missed calls and connections are no longer missed opportunities. Workers can collaborate easily, even across remote locations and while traveling.

Many of the productivity-enhancing features previously available only via costly add-ons to traditional PBX equipment come standard with VoIP. These features include:

• Advanced call routing
• “Find me/follow me” call forwarding
• Auto attendant
• Three-way calling and call waiting
• Voice mail and caller ID

In a pilot study at one of its corporate sites, Intel was able to document dramatic productivity increases with VoIP. Calculating the time saved on a range of tasks, Intel determined that the typical worker saved 2.7 days per year!

Strengthen Responsiveness: Gain a Competitive Advantage

A VoIP system can effectively break down silos by integrating applications and technologies, resulting in the delivery of important communications in seconds rather than hours. Services like call notification and message notification can alert users on any device. This allows businesses to make faster decisions in order to capture new opportunities, close sales, resolve issues and improve customer service.

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