5 Easy Steps to Find a Part-time Job in Retail


Managing finances is probably the most difficult thing while studying in high-school or college. Although it might seem that one can go by with the minimum allowances they get from home, it is often a struggle to sustain and invest in things that are necessary. Apart from such needs, many students have loans to pay back. Many have to pay for their own expenses, especially if they have to leave home to study. In such a scenario, a part-time job becomes mandatory.

Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of sectors which can provide part-time employment to students or those in need. Among the few, retail is one of the simplest and easiest industries which employs many part-time workers. A report published by the CBC in June 2021, showed a massive increase in part-time jobs in Canada, especially in the sectors of retail and hospitality. So has been the case in most countries all over the world. Retail jobs are flexible, easy going and less stressful than most other jobs. If you know your basic math and have good skills in dealing with people, it might just be the perfect option for you.

Here are the five simple steps that you can follow to get a part-time job in retail –

  1. Research – The most important and the primary step in the process of procuring a part-time job is to know what kind of jobs are actually available in retail. This is a crucial step because it will go on to determine the jobs you should be looking for. There are various kinds of jobs in retail such as cashier, store manager, buyer, sales associate, marketing personnel and many more. In-depth research means one should look for the job descriptions and the skills needed for a particular job role. The process of research should also include talking to people who already have part-time or full-time jobs in the sector.
  2. Make a list of jobs you want to do – Once you conduct an in-depth research you will get to know about many jobs, some of which might also help you in gaining skills required for full-time opportunities. Making a list of the jobs that appeal to you is the next step. This is an important step because it will narrow down the jobs for you and it will be easier for you to filter out positions that don’t suit you. While making the list, keep in mind how much time you would need to dedicate to the jobs you are choosing.
  3. Look for available jobs – The next step is to find out what is available. Once you are clear on what kind of position you want to work in, your work will be to look for available opportunities. There are various ways you can do that. You can check listings under part time retail jobs in London. Often, there are advertisements at public spaces as well. Another way can be to ask someone who works in the same sector if there are any openings they might know of. Once you get the idea of the kinds of positions available around you, you can decide which ones can be suitable for you.
  4. Apply for jobs and follow up – Handing in your application will be the next step. Make sure your application is suitable for the job. Look for skills and talents that might be important for the job you are applying for. If you have them, put them in your CV. This will make your application more credible. In case you have prior experience, make sure to mention it. However, application is not the end, you must also follow up regularly with the concerned authority to make sure you remain in the loop.
  5. Prepare for interviews – Once you are shortlisted, you will be called for interviews or tests. Be confident and do your background research, not only about the job but also about the company. Active interest is very important. Make sure you dress in well-ironed clothes and clean shoes. Be interactive and honest about your needs and requirements. Answer all questions clearly and try not to stutter or drag a conversation beyond necessary.

Now that you know how you can land a part-time retail job, you should start with your research as soon as possible and get going with earning the extra money for things that make you happy!


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