6 Amazing Business Apps for Your Company


It’s hard to imagine a modern successful business organization that does not use applications to boost its effectiveness. In just a decade, software spending in the US alone jumped from 32% of total IT corporate investment to almost 60%, as McKinsey admits. Not to fall behind, think about using some of the apps that we discuss below.


RingCentral Office

RingCentral Office is your solution for calling your business partners hassle-free. That is a cloud-based phone system. It is compatible with most operating systems, whether iOS, Android, or Blackberry. The price is rather fair.

On the whole, this tool would fit startups and small businesses best of all. RingCentral Office has plenty of features and scales up easily. This app makes it possible to apply APIs to customize and integrate your system with other applications.


If your business depends heavily on the quality of content, you should make sure that your copywriters and marketing experts have this application or any of its analogies installed on their devices. To obtain maximum results, you’ll need an app that combines content quality assurance with SEO features. Sure, you should not bother if you prefer hiring freelance writers from services like the-Essays.com, but your in-house team definitely needs something like Copywritely.

This software contains a rewriting feature that allows detecting problems and paraphrasing texts so that they are unique. You can also find an inserted grammar and spelling checking tool that will show which parts should be fixed. Finally, it’s possible to drop your text into the word counter to see whether the writer meets this requirement too. The app also highlights and counts keyword frequency and offers some other SEO features.


When it comes to your customers, the best guess is not the best approach. Stop wasting your time – there are apps capable of creating surveys and collecting data on your customers’ preferences. SurveyMonkey can assess user engagement and provide you with objective feedback from your clients. A business can learn more about features that its customers might be missing.

This app allows building surveys that would help get accurate reports on how customers feel about the specific goods or services. It is possible to share results with the entire teams like marketing and sales to realize what has to be improved. You may share reports via the site, social media, email, or various messengers. The advanced subscription plan will cost you 32 USD monthly.



Quickbooks is designed to make organization simple. This software connects to the business banking account. It analyzes the history of transactions and balances. Initially, only PayPal was included in the list of options. Later, the developers added other payment methods for the convenience of their users. The primary features are:

  • Unpaid invoices tracking
  • Salaries control
  • Profit/Loss reports

The idea is to assist customers with keeping tabs on their financial well-being. Users can submit photos of receipts from their devices and track expenses. It will help to control taxes and pay them on time. The pricing starts at $7.5- monthly for the initial plan, which is a freelancer.


Entrepreneurs will love this app for being an innovative CRM tool. It is accompanied by powerful sales automation. The primary aim of the developers is to crush sales objectives. Oncourse makes it easy to store all data regarding the deals in a single space. By looking at it and analyzing the records, executives can come up with effective strategies and approaches to marketing and sales. Other features include:

  • Activity tracking
  • Response tracking
  • Calls recording
  • Team member segmentation

Sales seniors should have such an application by their side for sure.

Facebook Live

The effectiveness of live video content is proven by many successful organizations, especially in the epoch of COVID-19. Facebook Live helps to keep in touch with your target audience at any time, anywhere. By creating quality video content, it’s possible to create a powerful brand image and support it. This application allows live streaming with ease. With 93.7% of business entities using this social media, Facebook Live is a must-have for those who wish to withstand their competitors.


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