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Ever since the pandemic struck last 2020, a lot of businesses were forced to close down and many people lost their jobs. We are going through very hard times and if you are one of those unlucky few that lost their jobs, you should look for ways to make money. Why not start a business from home? Before you do though, you should have a set plan. Here are 7 businesses that you could run from home.

1.  Pottery

If you are good with your hands and of an artistic inclination, it is always a good idea to try your hand at clay sculpting. Specifically clay vases. It is a great business idea because there is a good deal of demand for the product, it is relatively easy to make, and market. Best of all, you don’t need to have a full stock of your vases. The trick is to establish a website for your vases.

Potential buyers could just look through your websites, and choose from your selection. The best thing about pottery is that you don’t need to spend too much on pottery equipment. All you need is a pottery wheel, and you could make as many clay pots and pans that you want. However, if you are looking to make a more sophisticated piece of clay art, you should invest in master molds. With these molds, you could create more detailed pieces of clay art, and save time in the process.

2.  Exercise Videos

If you are a fit and healthy person, you could always try your hand at making exercise videos. A good number of people want to take up a healthy lifestyle, the only problem is that they don’t know where to start. This is where your exercise videos will come in handy. By filming a series of your workouts, and posting them through your website or video sharing sites such as YouTube, you will be able to earn money..

3.  Baked Goods

Of all the products you could sell,baked goods will most likely be the most popular. People will always need to eat, and very few people will ever say no to a nice bagel or donut. You could bake in the comforts of your own home, and sell your wares through your website. If anyone purchases them you could just have your products delivered through various delivery services.

If you are going to sell baked goods, you should make sure that you are as clean as possible. Remember that you will be handling the dough with your hands. To lessen the risk of contamination, you should wash your hands, and wear a face mask while you’re working on the bread.

4.  Freelance Writing

If you have a background in writing, it is a great idea to work as a freelance writer. With the large number of websites popping up everyday, there will always be a need for good quality content. If you have a few years of experience as a writer, you could always try out for various writing jobs. Just make sure that you have your payment system set up efficiently.

5.  Dog Walking

For dog lovers this job might seem like a dream. There are people who own dogs, who are too busy to walk them. This is where you come in. All you have to do is drop by their homes at least once or twice a week, and take their dogs for a walk. This is a very easy business to run, because you could conduct most of your business transactions online. All you need is a website where you offer your services to dog owners.

If you are going to run a dog walking business, it is important that you are as careful as possible.  Remember that you will be walking other people’s pets. These pets are usually considered to be part of the family, and should any harm come to them, you will most likely have a lot of trouble on your hands.

6.  Homemade Makeup

If you are looking for a great business to invest in, you should invest homemade makeup. Just as long as you have the right ingredients, and the right recipes, you will be able to mix and match your makeup. Just make sure that you text them out before you send them out for mass production and distribution.

When you sell your homemade makeup, you will need two things. An attractive website, and good packaging. The two work hand in hand. Your website must be attractive so that it will draw potential visitors in. The packaging must be nice enough to compel buyers to invest money into it. Aside from great packaging, you should also invest money on their containers.

One great example is frosted glass cosmetic jars. With this type of container, your product will look even more attractive to potential buyers. If you want to buy frosted glass cosmetic jars wholesale, you should check with Roetell. It is a company that produces some of the best glassware in the business.

7.  Wood Carvings

Wood carving is very much like pottery,wherein it is perfect for people who are particularly good with their hands. It is quite easy to coordinate with potential clients. All you need is a website, and your potential clients could just contact you, and have you build them a wooden carving according to their specifications. This setup will cut out the need for having a storefront or a warehouse to store all your products. All you need is a small studio at home, where you could do most of your carving.


Ever since the pandemic struck last 2020, thousands of people have lost their jobs. If you are one of those unlucky few, you should find new ways to earn a living.With these business ideas, you’ll be able to establish a great home business.


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