Redmond Dental Group Thwarts Economic Trend Begins Expansion


When analysts predict a bleak economic outlook, it seems uncanny that a small, local business would embark on a multi-million dollar expansion.  Redmond Dental Group, a landmark business since 2003, has been integral in the growth and development of Redmond.  In fact, founder, Dr. Max Higbee DMD, donated the land for the Redmond Little League field located in the Canyon just south of his office building.

His building, the pivotal location for Redmond Dental Group and Higbee’s practice for the last 37 years, is the focal point of Redmond Dental Group’s expansion and a symbol of Higbee’s continued commitment to growing business in Redmond.   The current one-level building will be remodeled to a three-story structure equipped with state-of-the-art technology and customer luxuries like flat panel TVs, video games, and an art gallery.

“The construction project is a $1.5M expansion with an additional $500,000 in technology equipment and upgrades,” said Mark Maxwell of SunWest Builders, the construction company contracted for the effort.  “We will convert the building to accommodate current business and leave room for growth,” continued Maxwell.

The building will be an attractive, modern design, typical of many newer, more contemporary buildings in Central Oregon.  It will have a stone veneer with steel canopies and cement siding. “Dr. Higbee’s upgrades were made for his patients.  He made it clear that our goal was to build a place that his patients can be proud of,” said Maxwell.

The Redmond Dental Group has more than 7,000 active patients in the Redmond area.  The practice is known for its friendly, 5-star service.

“Our goal is for our patients to have the best possible experience,” said Higbee.  “Without our patients, we would not be in business.”

Its patient-centered approach is clearly working.  In a recent independent customer survey, the company received a 97 percent patient satisfaction rate.  Also, despite the economic transition for Central Oregon, Redmond Dental Group has continued to grow.  Services now include family dentistry, implants, veneers, and cosmetic dental and oral surgery.  As before, it will have extended hours, however, the oral surgeon will now be accepting appointments also on Saturdays.

In reviewing the plans for the new building, it’s clear that its position continues to be patient-driven.  The updates will include state-of-the-art technology and digital X-rays to help provide patients the best dental care available. Then, luxury features like an art gallery, computer games, flat screen TVs, a pool table, and comfortable couches are also part of the upgrade for a more relaxing patient experience.

“We believe everyone deserves optimal dental health.  We also believe everyone should have access to the latest in dental technology and conveniences no matter their income level,” continued Higbee.
Redmond Dental offers complete dentistry with payment options that make it affordable.  Services are priced competitively to accommodate today’s cost-conscious patient.  Unlike any other dental group, time with the oral surgeon will be billed at a general dentist rate.  The firm also provides financing for dental services, extending credit and payment plans to patients who may not have insurance.

“It’s about good business and providing a health service that is accessible to everyone,” said Higbee.
The building project is expected to be complete in the spring of 2009.


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