CBN/THEM! Get Started on Own Version of Stimulus Plan


Things have been challenging in Central Oregon. But now it’s time to punch this economic situation in the proverbial nose! We’re tired of hearing how bad things are and watching local businesses struggle. It’s time to get involved, Tim Scott, owner of THEM! (a national, award-winning marketing, strategy and design team based in Bend,) told Pamela Hulse Andrews, CEO/Founder of Cascade Publications Inc. a few months ago.

Cascade Business News and THEM! teamed up to bring HOPE to Central Oregon. Together they’re donating up to $5,000 of services to two local businesses.

They offered a nomination process where companies or individuals could nominate local businesses and submit their reasons why they most need a complete marketing and strategic plan that would help sustain and grow their businesses.

From a great pool of submitted nominations they have selected two (2) Central Oregon businesses to assist, “we will document our progress and efforts in Cascade Business News,” explained Scott.

THEM! (, will be working with these businesses to develop an effective position, strategy and plan, at no charge to them, that will help these businesses make progress in difficult times.

“Central Oregon has some amazing companies here and we’re honored to be able to do what we can to help them through these difficult days. What’s good for them will benefit us all,” Scott added.

The two companies are Complements Home Interiors based in Bend and owned by Patricia Julber and Avery’s Wine Bar & Bistro in Redmond, owned by mother/daughter team of Kelly Ramey and Mary Thompson.

“Both of these companies have obviously worked hard to build something they are passionate about and as many small businesses today need a little help in honing in on their marketing efforts,” noted Andrews. “These are challenging times, but I think we’re seeing a break in the free fall in the economy, and what a great time to help a couple of local businesses grow and thrive.”

CBN and THEM! hope to create opportunities for these and other Central Oregon businesses that may not have the resources to develop their own strategic plan. “We will use these opportunities to tell the story and help educate other Central Oregon businesses to better utilize sales and marketing strategies and tactics,” added Scott.

The selection of the two companies was based on their current need, involvement in the Central Oregon community and their willingness to approach sales/marketing from a different perspective.
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