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Wendie Every is the owner of Every Idea in Bend, a full service creative advertising agency.

Tell us something about your company and your role in the company.

Every Idea is one of Central Oregon’s original marketing agencies.  We specialize in smart branding strategies, award-winning creative, and results-driven marketing services, including graphic design, public relations, internet and social media marketing, and advertising.  We have developed a strong niche in helping Northwest companies succeed.  Our clients include Newport Ave. Market, Rohrer Manufacturing, Kobe Beef America, Urban Garden Center, Bend Broadband Business Services, Pepsi of Bend, Tumalo Farms and Eastlake Framing.

As team leader I am responsible for client development, business management, team building and client relationships. Our team consists of a great group of creative, high energy people who I enjoy watching do incredible work.  I take great pride in this group of brilliant individuals.

What is the growth potential for your company and your industry in general?

There’s always significant opportunity for great work.  Whether we have a slowing or bustling economy, businesses appreciate solid marketing ideas that increase their bottom line.  We’ve had the good fortune to spend the last 20 years helping our clients build their businesses and promoting their products in a variety of ways.  Frankly, as long as there are companies wanting to progress or wanting to create interest in their products or services, we’ll have opportunity to grow.

What has been your company’s greatest challenge?

In our industry creativity drives business.  Sometimes the more outlandish an idea, the more successful it can be.  Our challenge is managing that risk for our clients.  We try hard to approach business differently, to provide ideas that challenge mainstream thinking.  Doing so takes risk and requires a balance between managing a client’s desire with the reality of their industry or customer.  But for us, we revel in the opportunity to be innovative in every project we do.

Please share your thoughts on what Central Oregon could do to make the region more business friendly?

Invest in local talent.  The best resource we have for building business tomorrow is cultivating the young minds and talents of our local youth.  I believe it is in the best interest of every business to give back.  At Every Idea, we currently have a student intern and have worked closely with area high school and college marketing clubs to offer help and inspiration.

What’s the biggest highlight of your career?

Besides the American Advertising Federation Silver Medal Award voted on by my peers for excellence in advertising and commitment to community, I’ve been fortunate to have an incredible amount of rewarding experiences in my 30-plus years in this business. But the real reward comes with the relationships I’ve built and with every client that we help succeed.

What was the worst thing that happened in your company and/or industry?

We’ve had our share of bad experiences and financial hardships, although I’m grateful for what we’ve learned from each challenge. And again, it was the relationships we had developed that allowed us to spin things around in a positive direction.

What advice would you give to other leaders with regard to managing a growing company?

There’s one piece of advice I was given that I believe transcends all areas of business.  A friend once told me, “people will not always remember what you say, but they always remember how you made them feel.”   At Every Idea, we hang our hat on cultivating great relationships.  We have clients who have been with us for more than 15 years.  I absolutely believe nothing is more important than recognizing that your actions, your business values, resonate more than any words you can put on paper.

What do you do to relax?  How do you spend your weekend, your vacations?

I own three businesses.  Who has time to relax?   When I do find the time, I spend as much as I can with my family enjoying the ranching and outdoor lifestyle.  Recently I spent a week with my husband, Charlie, fishing for halibut and salmon in Seward, Alaska.

Tell us something about you few people know about – your favorite pastime, worst indulgence?

Most people don’t know I’m dyslexic, but they do know I appreciate a good laugh.  Perhaps that’s why for Easter I surprised my neighbor by decorating his coveted miniature black bull with big, white ears, a pink bow, and a fluffy cotton tail, topping it all off by painting certain parts pink.

My favorite pastime is sharing fun experiences with our two sons and daughter-in-laws. And, I enjoy fabulous food, especially when chocolate is involved.
In terms of volunteering, what is your personal or company’s contribution to the community?

Most recently, we’ve really focused our time helping to put food on the tables of those who cannot afford a healthy meal.  Oregon has one of the highest hunger rates in the US.  To combat that locally, my team and I have worked with our client, Newport Ave. Market, Donna Brit and Central Oregon Cable Advertisers to design and publish a cookbook of recipes from top local chefs featured on the popular show, Cooking Central Oregon Style. All sales were donated to the Central Oregon Hunger Coalition.  We invested our time and talent to launch the project and raised more than $10,000 to feed the hungry in Central Oregon.  In addition to feeding the hungry, we just helped sponsor and promote Rude Rudy’s Golf Tournament which raised an additional $40,000 for the Hunger Coalition.

I’m also very involved in helping promote Redmond businesses. I’ve lived in Redmond for more than 20 yeas and have a special interest in seeing that community flourish.  I’m involved in Redmond Executive Association (REA) and have provided in-kind services for Redmond Downtown Partnership.  In addition, we’ve supported almost every non-profit organization in Central Oregon in some way during my career, most recently, AdFed, Central Oregon Arts & Cultural Center and Hayden Giving Fund.

Information: 541/383-2669 and www.every-idea.com


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